Siddhi Vinayak Logistics targets drivers community through ‘Challak se Malak’ initiative


Siddhi Vinayak Logistics Ltd (SVLL), is a corporate logistics service providers and one of the largest fleet owner in India. It specializes in transportation by road and is fast growing in the field of transportation. SVLL in pursuit of vision and social cause had announced the ‘Challak se Malak’ initiative on September 18, 2012.

India almost tops the list of road accidents. It's time this tendency undergoes transition and existing driving community is adequately re-educated on safety issues and at the same time ensure the fresh crop of drivers come out well-trained.‘Challak se Mallak’ a CSR initiative by SVLL is launched with a vision to uplift the status of drivers and make their lives comfortable. Two years ago the truck drivers had no relief and had to always keep on moving. Their families have suffered, their children suffered and they live in a state of misery and have faced disdained and disrespect. The sole object of the initiative in past few years has not only ensured professionalism amongst the drivers but also given them an upliftment of social status.

This initiative has uplifted lives of several drivers across India. It has not only elevated their professional and personal lives but also guaranteed a better future for the truck drivers and their family with no financial contribution.

The initiative has also incorporated varied activities in the form of yoga camp, nutritional camps, specialized counselling and fitness sessions, driver safety training programs, education for their children and distribution of educational materials for their children.

According to R C Baid, Founder & Chief Mentor, SVLL, “SVLL is one of the largest fleet owners in the country, owning a fleet of over 3800 commercial vehicles. It operates across diverse segments like steel, cement, tractors, chemicals, machinery and is a pioneer in new segments like commercial vehicle chassis carriers.  Ever since I have ventured into the transportation business, I was always worried about the condition of our drivers, who operate under extreme conditions but yet are not respected and do not have a good social status. SVPCL is an initiative to improve their conditions by giving them a feeling of betterm

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