Siddharth Kannan has humanised Virtual Events with his Hosting

In an interview with Everything Experiential, Siddharth Kannan shared his experience of hosting virtual events, how he manages his time in lockdown and more.


Ace TV-Radio Host/Social Media Sensation Siddharth Kannan has been on a roll since the lockdown.

He was the 1st emcee to host a virtual event with Hero MotoCorp and since then there has been no looking back.

He has hosted The Flagship virtual event for reputed brands like ICICI Bank, HDFC Ergo, HDFC securities, Sanofi, Pepe Jeans amongst a host of other brands.

As a social media influencer, he created ‘The Good News Show’ for HDFC Ergo. The brand collaborated with Sid K for 30 videos on his digital platforms and has been getting massive and engagement.

He also collaborated with Kenneth Cole Newyork and Nerolac coming up with creative ideas and creative content for these brands which were on his social media platforms.

Sid K has been receiving rave reviews from brands & event agencies for his virtual hosting & has made most of the ‘Lockdown Time’ as a social media influencer synergising with loads of brands on his digital platforms. In the Last one month,He has had 5 videos on YouTube that were trending within the top 30 with his overall views on his YouTube channel crossing 142 million views.

In an interview with Everything Experiential, Siddharth Kannan shared his experience of hosting virtual events, how he manages his time in lockdown and more.


What makes Sid K the ideal Virtual Event Host?

I love digital! I am a digital baby.I have been creating content on YouTube, Insta Lives, FB lives which helps me tremendously in Virtual Events. I think on my feet, can make an event seem seamless to an audience even if there is a technical glitch. I have developed cutting edge original interactive ideas for the audience with my creative team and am very Tech Savvy. Most Importantly, I have managed to humanise virtual events with my audience connect!

In some events you cannot see the audience since I have been a Radio Jockey all my life,it’s in my DNA to chat even if I cannot see the audience, which is exactly how it is in Radio too.

From RnR, panel discussions,  Energiser sessions with audiences, It’s been quite a joyful experience with Virtual gigs so far.

You seemed to have used your lockdown time really well?

Yes, Every Adversity is an Opportunity!

I have been working really hard upto 16 hours a day especially in the last 2 months.

My time juggles between hosting my Radio Show from home, voice-overs, doing chat shows with corporate icons, achievers from different walks of life, actors and also with the ‘common man/woman’ who has had real stories to tell that will motivate and entertain the viewers on my digital platforms.

I have been fortunate enough to monetise my work digitally with brand collaborations: ideating for them,creating & giving a final product used on mine and the brand's platforms.

Of course, hosting virtual events which gives me an all-time high too!!

The event fraternity has come up with outstanding virtual events that are a treat to watch & be a part of. Hats off to them!

What makes you such a Digital Sensation?

This lockdown has been kind to me with my digital numbers growing manifold.

I do not believe in the word ‘sensation’, In my head I am a worker and will always remain one’! I attribute my digital growth to constantly pushing myself,creating original content and having a vision to who I am and what I stand for.

I have also re-invented myself during these times with loads of introspection and my team working with me hand in glove to ensure that I keep evolving as a brand in whatever I do. I do not take a minute of my life for granted.

Any message to people wanting to create content on social media and other anchors?

There is phenomenal talent around.I have very high regard for them. It is important for everyone to keep coming up with original ideas and not to follow a wave of someone else’s success.One must create their own path of Success.

A thunderous round of applause to each talent out there for giving it all that they have always.

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