Showtime executes Castrol’s 3-day annual conference


Showtime has partnered with Castrol on its events for over a decade. For its most recent event, Showtime reviewed Castrol’s tactical initiatives, strategic objectives and long term business goals to design an experience to ensure that all of Catrol’s objectives were met over a 3-day annual conference.

The entire conference experience was designed as a story-through the physical spaces, through the visual medium, through the communications and down to the key conference sessions ensuring that the entire Castrol team left with all the key business messages reinforced in their minds.

Castrol’s theme for this year was Maintain Momentum-Go for Growth with the Power of One. They were looking for a tagline to match this theme and to motivate the teams to perform better in the following year. Showtime created a stage with an energy meter which highlighted the tagline Fitter, Faster, Farther.

Conceptualised storytelling and designed visualisations engagingly and compellingly manifest Castrol’s vision for the future -a dramatic parallel was drawn between it and India’s recent world-beating achievement, the Mars Orbiter Mission. The fact that the 53 million kilometers Mangalaayan traversed to reach Mars’ orbit was completely in sync with the target of 53 million litres that was announced made for a happy coincidence and sparked off the narrative excellently. Then parallels were drawn between the entire Mars Mission and other striking aspects of Castrol’s vision and strategy; the PSLV became akin to CVO, the Commercial Vehicles Oil that had carried Castrol to the brink of new milestones, the Earth’s gravitational forces became the External Forces like taxes etc that would impact the strategy, the thrusts that propelled the craft into orbit were akin to the strategy enablers like Rural, Synthetics, Technology etc, and the Mangalayan itself became Personal Mobility, the force that would take them to their target.

The entire Mission to Mars narrative was brought alive for the attendees by the use of effective props – such as the Managing Director making the presentation while garbed in a space-suit, a slickly made A/V film and thematic visuals and animations on the Watchout screen at every step of the presentation, and games and engagement activities to drive home the salient points of the session also imbued with aspects of the theme. And it concluded with a simple but powerful take-home, ‘’If we can do it on Mars, we can do it on Earth!’’

Castrol is a company with a strong portfolio of Power Brands and the only way to bring the true strength of the parent brand out is to give each individual brand its own space to express its own individual character and strength. To do this Showtime created an event-in-event format i.e. the event parallel of a shop in shop format with individual brand owned spaces for all the major Brands in the Castrol portfolio. They had their own zones mapped out within the overall conference space, with cutting-edge technology and engagement activities highlighting key features of Brand stories for their flagship brands Magnetic, Castrol Active, Power 1, Vecton and B2B and their rewards and loyalty initiative Anmol Ratn.

While the gigantic Vecton pack became the most popular photo op backdrop, the flash mob performing on the Active Scooter jingle stole the show. The audio spotlight in the B2B zone urged delegates to experience the interactive demo kits .

The evenings were power packed with dholwalas welcoming everyone to enjoy the Delhi Da Tashan – with Desi bars serving English alcohol and the Parathewali gali having a scrumptious layout of the most popular dishes in Delhi followed by  performances by Kunal Ganjawala & DJ Ishu.

Commenting on the conference, Binu Chandy (General Manager- West Region, Castrol India) said: “It was a great conference. Your eye for detail and dedication has made this possible. Sincere thanks to each one of you and the entire team who has made it possible.”

“The experiences we create are engineered to resonate with business objectives ensuring that Showtime’s clients are able to deliver an ROI on their conferences” said Avik Prabhu, Executive Director of Showtime Events.

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