ShowCase Studio's In Conversation series Season 1: A culmination to the finest musical experience

The expert curation of selecting the artists and posing thoughtful and educational questions to them ensured that Season 1 set the bar high for future seasons of the show.


Described as the ‘finest musical experience of 2020’, Season 1 of ShowCase Studio’s IN CONVERSATION series ended on a spectacular note last Sunday. The LIVE virtual show saw 13 phenomenal artists from across genres, perform choice pieces from their repertoire, while speaking about their art forms. The season culminated in a magnificent and well-curated Finale episode with each artist presented once again, to a large and engaged audience on Facebook.

ShowCase Studio’s IN CONVERSATION addressed the growing gap between the audience, the artists and their art forms. Since its inception, the aim of ShowCase Studio has been to focus on artists that have stayed pure to their art forms, and not diluted their craft despite multiple collaborations. Hosted ably by renowned music journalist Narendra Kusnur and a few episodes by Nanni Singh, the show provided incredible insight into the artists and their work.

Spread over 14 Sundays, the show focused on 13 different artists presenting 13 art forms while delving deep into their knowledge banks to share exclusive tidbits and anecdotes which cannot be found online. The expert curation of selecting the artists and posing thoughtful and educational questions to them ensured that Season 1 set the bar high for future seasons of the show.

The Season Finale was the cherry on top of the entire experience, with performances and candid conversation with all 13 artists from the 13 episodes. While the individual episodes could only be accessed through a ticketed link, the Season Finale was broadcast LIVE on Facebook to a large viewership.

The Finale episode opened with Season hosts talking about the enriching experience of interacting with the talented artists, before moving on to the first live guest of the evening- Ambi Subramaniam, who presented the Indian Classical Violin. This was aptly followed by a pre-recorded piece on the Flute by talented flautist and singer Rasika Shekar. Next, to enliven the mood, Ustad Fazal Qureshi played the Tabla. After focusing on different instruments, the Finale moved to a dance form, with Sohini Roychowdhury performing an interesting fusion piece in Bharatnatyam to Helen Reddy’s ‘I am Woman’. This was followed by Delna Mody’s message on Musical Theatre, providing insight into this lesser-known art form. Mercy Tetseo of the Naga Folk Group, Tetseo Sisters, spoke next as a prelude to a peppy number performed by the group. Utsav Lal, the famed Raga Pianist shared a message and performed a traditional piece, followed by Violinist Sunita Bhuyan who joined live in a merry festive mood. The mid-episode treat was provided by Nathulal Solanki, the popular Nagara legend, who performed with his son and grandson. Continuing with the theme of family performers, the Niazi Nizami Brothers from the Nizamuddin Dargah, shared a glimpse of their beautiful Sufi legacy of pure Qawwali. The next guest was Sonam Kalra of the Sufi Gospel Project, who summed up the role of ShowCase Studio well, as she spoke about the need for the fraternity to collaborate and grow together, before performing her famous rendition of “Alfat”. Dhruv Sangari or Bilal Chishty as he is also known, joined next and shared a beautiful Qawwali piece, unplugged, along with appreciation for ShowCase Studio’s initiative to preserve India’s intangible heritage – its many art forms. The Finale episode was closed with beautiful live Thumri sung by Dhanashree Pandit-Rai.

The almost 2-hour long Finale episode was the appropriate culmination to the finest musical education for viewers in 2020, who are eagerly waiting for Season 2 to begin. Each of the episodes is available on a pay per view basis and a season pass can be bought for a discounted price, so viewers may enjoy these musical treats at leisure. People interested in watching the episodes should request for the links by mailing In the interim, catch a glimpse of this phenomenal experience through the Finale episode of IN CONVERSATION at no cost, on the ShowCase Studio Facebook page here:

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