Serendipity Arts Festival comes to Delhi in April after Goa

After eight days in Goa, Serendipity Arts Festival, an interdisciplinary arts festival, is all set for its Delhi edition. Organized by the Serendipity Arts Trust, the festival will be held at Bikaner House for 11 days, from April 6 to 16, 2017.


The Delhi edition of the festival will include a crafts exhibition, photography exhibition, design installation, dance performances, storytelling session and a theatre performance. The first edition of Serendipity Arts Festival was held in Goa in December over 8 days. It was spread across 8 venues in Panaji, had 14 curators facilitating dialogues and 53 projects in various fields.

Those who missed out on the Goa edition will get a peek of it in the Delhi edition. An intensive schedule of exhibitions and performances will be accessible to audiences throughout the 11 days of the festival in the Capital. Art connoisseurs looking to make value addition to their collection will find the festival inspiring, as piece of craft and photography can be purchased. All the proceeds of sales will go towards helping craftspersons and school, which was involved in the photography project.

There are various projects that form a part of Serendipity Arts Festival 2016 in 2017. Indian Crafts: Traditions and Expressions, an exhibition by Manjari Nirula and Jyotindra Jain, explores the possibility of creating a contemporary environment for artisans by nudging them to explore their inherent creativity. These works on display will be on sale, where the proceeds go back to the Serendipity Arts Trust, and the funds will be used to support artisan communities. The Express/Aspire project with the Auxilium High School, Goa, explores photography and how a child looks through the lens. This project curated by Samar Jodha, begins a multi-layered inquisition into how to engage children with creativity and how it helps develop the child’s personality.

Serendipity Arts Trust was started to forge new directions in the arts, even at the cost of experimentation and challenging norms. Sanjeev Bhargava’s project Sandhi questions the hierarchies that exist between a classical musician and dancer. This project is a true depiction of creative collaborations, and the productions have provided an opportunity for interdisciplinary synergy where literature and music within dance are emphasised. Through these projects, the Trust hopes to engage and reach out to artists and audiences from all demographics, and bring art back into peoples lives.

Serendipity Arts Trust is also proud to present, Chakraview, which is curated by Rajshree Pathy with design by Sumant Jayakrishnan. This project represented India at the London Design Biennale. Art and design have many overlaps where one affects the other. This project was added into the programming to bring these two communities together and to draw inspiration from their confluence.

Sunil Munjal, the founder patron of Serendipity Arts Trust says “the festival emphasises the importance of the Indian traditions in art along with introducing the Capital to the variety in art and culture through novel concepts of visual and performing arts. Serendipity Arts Festival is more than a showcase of great Indian art – it is a cultural experiment that hopes to, over time, affect the way Indians interact with art on a daily basis by addressing issues such as arts education, patronage culture, interdisciplinary discourse, and accessibility of the arts.”

Smriti Rajgarhia, Director of Serendipity Arts Trust, says Serendipity Arts Trust believes in creating new engagements, platforms and opportunities for the arts. After a successful first edition of the Serendipity Arts Festival in Goa, December 2016, the Trust is bringing a small sample of the Festival to Delhi at the Bikaner House. Serendipity Arts Trust was started to forge new directions in the arts, even at the cost of experimentation and challenging norms. The Trust has always believed in the need for interdisciplinarity and we hope that the mix of projects will bring people from different genres to engage with the other creating more awareness and interaction. This environment, we hope, will expose practitioners and audiences to newer forms of art and generate interest in the field.

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