Seher presented 2-day jazz event in Delhi as a prelude to 3rd Udaipur World Music Festival

Udaipur World Music Festival is back with its third edition on the 9th, 10th and 11th February 2018. Before embarking on this journey, the festival was introduced for the first time in New Delhi with a prelude showcasing a 2-day Jazz extravaganza presented by Seher in collaboration with Goethe Institut and Institut Francais en Inde on 13th and 14th of December 2017 at Bikaner House, New Delhi.


The event showcased contemporary performances by C.A.R. a band of four young musicians with a trip-like melange of jazz and electronics on the 13th of December and ERIK TRUFFAZ & RIATSU, a collaboration between the famous French trumpet player Erik Truffaz and the Indian electronic musician Riatsu on the 14th of December.

13th of December witnessed a kaleidoscope of musical instruments and notes by C.A.R, a band about wild experimental jazz with a pop approach. Featuring drums, double bass, a wurlitzer stage piano, korg and oberheim synthesizers as well as an alto saxophone heavily altered by electronic effect devices, the four young musicians Leonhard Huhn (saxophone) | Christian Lorenzen (Wurlitzer stage piano) | Kenn Hartwig (double bass) | Johannes Klingebiel (drums) weaved a delicate web of sound which took the audience on an enticing trip.

On the 14th of December, the pristine grounds of Bikaner House again came alive with the fusion tunes of internationally acclaimed contemporary trumpet player Erik Truffaz and the ambient techno notes of oncoming musician Riatsu, from Bombay. Their music is a blend of nostalgic yet futuristic trance music.

With this 2 day event, SEHER aims to establish an annual signature Jazz event in New Delhi, a concert cutting across all barriers of age and walks of life. 

“It is truly overwhelming to see such tremendous response year after year and for the third edition, we bring this one of a kind jazz event, set in the heritage Bikaner House on Pandara Road, New Delhi.  Exemplary musicians of different nationalities, to give music lovers a taste of the magic that UWMF weaves”, says Festival Director Sanjeev Bhargava.

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