Saksham Group Executes Dramatic Adaption Of Refugee Camp By Ashish Kaul

The show was supported by the Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora (GKPD) and will be soon available on the GKPD network to a global viewership.


A dramatic adaptation of Refugee Camp, a 2018 bestseller, was staged by the Saksham Group in the Kamani Auditorium of Delhi. One of the things that made this staging momentous was that this was the first such event in Delhi after the Covid-19 pandemic started last year.

Refugee Camp was presented by Ashish Kaul, a media veteran and a business leader who has led various conglomerates. Kaul is also the author of bestsellers including Refugee Camp, Didda The Warrior Queen of Kashmir, Rakht Gulab, Stree Desh among others. He is actively working towards bringing the forgotten history of Kashmir and also inspiring youth to take a stand against terror.

Kaul said, "Today, the world’s only community with a 100% literacy rate is on the verge of extinction and the world remains silent. The next generation of India does not know what happened in Kashmir. They need to know the truth. I believe there still is hope for peace in Kashmir. Kashmir needs an uprising for peace and that is what Refugee Camp is all about."

His Excellency Manoj Sinha the Hon'ble Lt. Governor of Jammu & Kashmir in a special message to Kaul said, "Terrorism has been a scourge for Kashmir for over 3 decades. However, in these moments of pain and despair, I believe initiatives like Refugee Camp reflect hope for Kashmiriyat to win. Your story of Refugee Camp which has been a bestseller book exhorts the youth to take a stand against terror and I too believe that the future of Kashmir and our country lies in the hands of youth."

Sudhanshu Mittal, Rajyasabha MP, quoted in his word, "Whatever happened in the sacred heartland of Kashmir that was brutal, whole India watched exodus with their naked eyes, but  India was silent. But India never forgot this bloodiest incident. We have to talk about this so there can be no other refugee camp."

Distinguished people from different walks of life like Sangram Singh, Sonali, Roop Kumar Rathod and General JJ Singh, former Chief of Army Staff have given testimonies for this book. This is also the first-ever book which has been backed by legendary singer Hasan Jahangir, a prominent Pakistani who is incredibly popular in Kashmir.

'Refugee Camp', the play is based on the dreadful past lived by Kashmiri Pandits. It not only starts a conversation about the problem of Kashmir but also suggests a way out of it.

The Refugee Camp is the story of a boy; Abhimanyu’s transformation into a leader, who leads thousands of people on a journey back home. It is a riveting tale of the human spirit and triumph in the face of grave adversities. Above all the story has a unique narrative that is simple to read and understand that no one can end terror unless we all stand up and take a stand.

This is an exemplary story that reaffirms faith in the secular fabric of India. We rarely come across a story so bold and gripping in its narrative that it transports you deep inside a world of intense anguish, sorrow and stunning reality.

*Galaxy of celebrities inaugurated iconic Refugee Camp play in Delhi*
A galaxy of celebrities attended the inaugural show of Refugee Camp. The Play was based on the iconic bestseller book by the media veteran, illustrious business leader and best selling author Ashish Kaul. Chief Guest, Sudhanshu Mittal, Member of Parliament BJP,  was accompanied by a guest of honour Piyush Agarwal, Chairman Prabhat Prakashan, Utpal Kaul, imminent social activist and Chairman Utpal Publications, Rohini Vaishnavi of Amarnath Vaishnavi Centre of Excellence. The show also had eminent media personalities like Sandeep Bamzai CEO & Managing Editor of IANS news service, Vibha Bhatt Vice President ABP News, Deepak Dua Managing Editor & Founder Cineyatra among a host of industry leaders were in full attendance.In his welcome address, Ashish Kaul thanked all the guests of honour, especially Mr Virendra Kaul and his friends for wholeheartedly supporting the play as main presenters.

The show was also supported by the Global Kashmiri Pandit Diaspora (GKPD) and will be soon available on the GKPD network to a global viewership.

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