Sadhguru contributes over Rs 9 Crore towards Covid Relief

'Bhairava' is Sadhguru’s tribute to Isha’s much-loved bull who passed away in April.


Bhairava’, the eponymous tribute to Isha’s iconic bull by Sadhguru, Founder, Isha Foundation, was donated to the highest contributor to Isha’s Outreach initiative at close of online bidding yesterday.  ‘Bhairava’ painting was put up for online auction a month ago. Donating Rs 5.1 crore to Isha’s Outreach's daily on-ground effort to prevent starvation in rural Tamil Nadu, the contributor became the proud owner of the unique artwork by Sadhguru that has been created entirely with organic material. This is the second artwork that Sadhguru has contributed to Isha Outreach’s efforts which include distribution of protective gear to frontline workers, infrastructure support for isolation wards prepared in readiness and a daily supply of cooked meals and an immunity booster drink to thousands of people in rural Tamil Nadu.

"Our efforts to provide nourishment to daily wagers in rural India who have no other means, is expanding into thousands of people every day. In this effort to generate funds for feeding the underprivileged, this painting is an offering," said Sadhguru. 

'Bhairava' is Sadhguru’s tribute to Isha’s much-loved bull who passed away in April. Sadhguru used cow dung as a backdrop for the artwork that has been created using charcoal, turmeric and limestone. Sadhguru’s first painting titled ‘To Live Totally!’ was an abstract oil on canvas that fetched Rs 4.14 crore. The proceeds from both the paintings will enable Isha Outreach's #BeatTheVirus campaign to continue its ongoing daily meal distribution that has been protecting rural communities from starvation for nearly three months now.

Tamil Nadu is one of India’s red states with over a lakh people infected by the virus. Its capital city, Chennai, has over 60,000 positive cases and had till recently been under strict lockdown with curfew imposed in several areas. The administration has gone all out to contain the spread of the virus in the state with healthcare professionals, security forces, sanitation workers and health department officials working round the clock. In his online Tamil Guru Purnima address yesterday, Sadhguru appealed to citizens to “take a pledge” that they will strictly adhere to distancing norms and prevent further spread of the virus.

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