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Why shouldn’t curvy women have access to such simple joys of shopping styles of their choice, colours and prints without an iota of doubt running by their mind


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Fashion for the longest time has focussed on promoting and producing small or regular sizes and excluding a vast majority of public who is curvy. This exclusion has caused many people to feel out of place. So, it only seemed fair to focus on ensuring that curvy women don’t feel left out and ignored. All women, regardless of their shape or size, deserve to feel special and loved especially from the fashion industry. 

Only a few new age brands/labels are realising the void here. None of the popular brands are really focussing on curvy women. Hence, they are left with very few options when it comes to fashion. People, regardless of their shape and size, should be able to indulge in fashionable clothes and not have limited options due to lack of sizes. 

We did not want to limit the silhouettes as well. We are offering curvy sizes in ethnic wear, western wear, fusion and lounge wear. Why should these women not be spoilt for choices and be restricted to limited cuts, silhouettes, shapes and prints? Extensive research goes into our styles. You will find a person who wears a 6XL look as ravishing as a person who is wearing the same style in an XS size. All people deserve the ability to buy the clothes they want and shouldn't be handed limited options due to a lack of sizes. 

Another important aspect which is ignored by a lot of brands is how charging more for plus size clothing can be demeaning and rude. It is an indirect way of making the person conscious of their shape their body and the choice that they are about to make. 

Just like sustainability and conscious fashion have become terms that every brand, (regardless of their practices) wants to associate with, just to gain market share, some of the brands boast about launching a plus size collection in smallest sizes, say 2XL. This is another unfair and a rather patronizing practice. We on the other hand are fully invested in this. We are offering sizes till 6XL and with our next launch we will start offering sizes till 8XL. 

We have been talking about body shaming for years now. It is important to notice that media and fashion are very closely linked. When a particular group of people aren't epitomized equally, it makes them wonder about their mere essence in the society they live in or group they interact with. With our curve line we are taking the necessary steps to work against this school of thought. 

It is important to work on the representation of curvy women. Past few years have seen movements towards body positivity and acceptance. This influence can be seen to be gaining popularity amongst mainstream culture as well. Brands are focussing on bringing on board popular curvy women. In 2020, for the first time, Jill Kortleve, became the first plus size model to walk the ramp for Chanel in over a decade. It was also the first for Lanvin to have a plus size model on the runway. You have women like Ashley Graham on the runway for not only fashionable clothes but also swimwear and lingerie. Similarly in India, women like Sakshi Sindwani are pioneering the cause for curvy women in the glamour world. She has also been the face of Nykd by Nykaa, lingerie campaign. They are solid references of the revolution in the fashion industry that inclusive sizing has arrived. 

Fashion for curvy women doesn’t have to revolve around minimalism. It has always been about limitation when it comes to silhouettes, colours, prints and patterns. We want to get rid of such archaic mindsets. They no longer should be hiding their bodies behind loosely cut garments. By doing extensive research we are bringing forward means to provide hope and joy to our customers. They should feel sexy and fashionable. We want them to flaunt asymmetric styles, florals and stripes, ethnic as well as fusion wear. Why shouldn’t curvy women have access to such simple joys of shopping styles of their choice, colours and prints without an iota of doubt running by their mind.

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