Renault Sport Racing and DuPont Announce Strategic Partnership

Renault Sport Racing and DuPont will also explore opportunities to co-innovate and accelerate development of new technology for future consumer and road car applications.


Renault Sport Racing and DuPont have announced a multiyear strategic technical partnership to deliver new technology, beginning with hybrid and electric powertrain innovative solutions to help advance Formula 1 and other racing programs. Through a shared vision to address unique challenges in the rapidly changing mainstream automotive industry, Renault Sport Racing and DuPont also will explore opportunities to co-innovate and accelerate development of new technology for future consumer and road car applications.

“We are excited to team up with the Renault Formula 1 Team to help deliver disruptive innovations in automotive technology,” said Marc Doyle, Chief Operating Officer for the DowDuPont Specialty Products Division, and Chief Executive Officer-Elect for future DuPont. “Formula 1 is known for being the most technologically advanced sport in the world and has embraced hybrid electric powertrains in recent years. If the DuPont and Renault Formula 1 Team co-developed technologies can make a performance difference under the speed, stress and heat of an F1 car racing around a track at 370 kph, or 230 mph, then we are confident we can accelerate those solutions to benefit road car applications.”

DuPont has been bringing essential innovations to the automotive industry for over 80 years and their leading engineering polymers and adhesives solutions play a vital role today in lightweighting, thermal management, connectivity and improved safety. In motorsports, DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber is already used in the tires and the bodywork of Formula 1 cars, while DuPont™ Nomex® paper is used inside the car’s battery shielding and electrical insulation. DuPont also contributes to helping protect drivers: Nomex® fiber is used in race suits to help protect against heat and flame, and Kevlar® fiber is an important safety component in driver helmets.

“DuPont has a long-standing legacy for inventing and developing innovative products that improve performance in motorsport and consumer vehicles, while also making them safer, more efficient and sustainable,” said Cyril Abiteboul, Managing Director of Renault Sport Racing. “Our multiyear technical development partnership will enable ongoing collaboration to advance hybrid technology and chassis solutions, which we believe will ultimately result in improved efficiencies and on-track competitiveness.” 2

In 2018, DuPont launched its AHEAD™ (Accelerating Hybrid-Electric Autonomous Driving) initiative, which focuses on creating technology and materials solutions in vehicle electrification, connectivity, autonomous-driving and related infrastructure which will play a key role in the technical partnership with the Renault F1 Team. Areas of collaboration include developing structural adhesive solutions for thermal management of batteries, as well as materials for power, infrastructure and signal electronics. As these innovative, high-performance materials are rapidly validated in the motorsport environment, they can directly benefit the design of lighter weight and more fuel-efficient vehicles without compromising performance, comfort or safety – whether that be in a race car or a road car.

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