RB Driving ‘Healthy, Clean and Hygienic Kumbh Experience’ With Dettol Harpic Banega Swachh India Program

The campaigns aim to ensure that cleanliness and hygiene is on the top of mind responsibility of each pilgrim visiting the mela.


With an aim to bring about behavior change towards ensuring cleanliness, Reckitt Benckiser, world’s leading consumer Health and Hygiene Company, today unveiled its awareness campaigns focusing on ‘Hand Hygiene’ and ‘Sanitation’ at the KumbhMela. With close to 12 crore people visiting the Kumbh this year, expected to be the world’s largest gathering of people and maintaining a clean and hygienic environment becomes even more important.

A report by the Harvard School of Public Health stated a 5% increase in Diarrhea related diseases during the KumbhMela 2013.

The campaigns aim to ensure that cleanliness and hygiene is on the top of mind responsibility of each pilgrim visiting the mela. Haath Dhona Har Baar campaign by Dettol aims to highlight the occassions of handwashing, with catchy taglines like‘Har Dharam Ka Bhojan Sanskar, Haath Dhona Har Baar’, 'Bimariyon Se Bachne Ka Upchaar, Haath Dhona Har Baar’, 'Shauch ka sahivyahvaar, Haath Dhona Har Baar’. Thecampaigm aims toeducate people around the importance of hand washing to remain germ free. To create awareness around toilet hygiene, Harpic launched‘Hoga Toilet Vidhi Ka Gyaan, Toh BadhegaKumbh ka Maan’, campaign that calls visitors to throw water every time they use a toilet as a sign of respect to the next person using it.

With pilgrims coming to Kumbh from far and wide, Dettol and Harpic have come up with innovative ways to deliver their campaign messages by organizing NukkadNataks within the Kumbh premises as well as creating life size wall paintings across 54 villages surrounding the Kumbh. Making perfect visual representation to showcase the importance of these campaigns, the impact will be significant. Dettol has deployed ‘Hand Mascots’ who will recite the story of the hands coming in contact with germs and educate people of hand wash need and practice. The mascot will share Dettol soaps to encourage personal hygiene.

Pankaj Duhan, Chief Marketing Officer, RB South Asia Health said, “Kumbh is a global event. Considering the number of people that are expected at Kumbh this year, millions of hand washes are expected to take place during the course of 54 days. We strongly believe it is a great platform to highlight the need of hand wash. Even if we are able to deliver our message of ‘Haath Dhona Har Bar’ across to 50% of these visitors and make them understand the importance of hand washing practices, it will be an achievement for Dettol. The campaign will engage, endear and influence people towards adopting better hand hygiene practices that will directly reflect in true behavior change when they go back to their own homes and continue these practices. ”

Sukhleen Aneja, CMO, Marketing Director, South Asia RB Hygiene Home said, “The KumbhMela this year is expecting a lot of women devotees to join the gathering, close to 60% of the total visitors. The importance of maintaining privacy for women while also making sure they have basic amenities and clean toilets is absolutely essential for their safety. With ‘Toilet Vidhi’ we want to sensitize people and bring about a change in their attitudes towards good toilets etiquettes by showing respect for the next person who will use the facility after them. We are hopeful that this habit is retained in people’s mind and everyone can have a clean toilet experience.”

Ravi Bhatnagar, Head External Affairs and Partnerships, RB India, “The Maha Kumbh this year is expected to be the biggest it has ever been. With Dettol Harpic Banega Swachh India always being at the forefront of driving behavior change in the community with respect to hygiene and sanitation, it is an important platform for us to create direct touchpoints with our audience. Our aim to make a clean and hygienic Kumbh experience a reality for everyone attending this year with the hope of leaving a long–lasting impact on their minds.”

Dettol Harpic Banega Swachh India aim to raise much needed awareness among the attendees about proper hygienic practices and incentivize them to observe environmental and river-friendly practices.

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