Procam gets ready to kickoff the 3-day Nexa P1 Powerboat Grand Prix of the Seas

The first UIM recognized world championship event reaches the Mumbai shores as the city gets ready for the Indian grand prix of the seas The NEXA P1 Powerboat. This is the first time in India that motorboat racing is going to be the new talk in sporting events. There are 6 teams participating in the race and it will be held from 3rd March to the 5th of March, 2017


The NEXA P1 Powerboat announced the launch of the race on the 25th February, 2017 at The Trident, Nariman Point where they disclosed the teams that would take part at the event along with the team members, owners and brand ambassadors. All the teams will consist of two boats each raced by a driver and navigator. Powerboat racing has always been an entertaining racing sport but it never found its way to Indian waters until the initiative was carried forward by Procam International backed by NEXA.

“We are delighted to associate with NEXA P1 Powerboat Racing in its inaugural year. Our focus in partnership with NEXA P1 Powerboat Racing is to create a benchmark like no other. NEXA aims to provide global experience to its customers and in the same way Procam has made their best efforts to bring NEXA P1, a global sport to the Indian audience for the first time. NEXA is at its forefront of bringing innovation and delivering outstanding experiences which are new and exciting, just like P1 Powerboat Racing which builds experiences based on adrenaline performance and superior technology”, says Mr.Vinay Pant, Assistant Vice President, Marketing, Maruti Suzuki.

The six teams are HRV Racing, Llyod Dolphins, Booster Jets, Ultra Sharks, MoneyonMobile Marlins and Mirchi Mavericks. Drivers taking part in the grand prix of the seas have been achievers in international racing events and withhold a professional background and experience in the field of racing. All the drivers and navigators have been outsourced from international countries but also have two Indians taking part in the race. C S Santosh who will be the pilot for Booster Jets is India’s fastest Cross Country Rally Pilot and the only Indian man to have completed the Dakar Rally twice. Also Gaurav Gill who is the pilot for Ultra Sharks is noted for winning the Indian Rally Championships four times becoming the first Indian to win the FIA Asia Pacific Rally Championships twice.

The teams look competitive for the race and will proceed with the test drives on the 3rd where they can test and detect any cause and errors for their boats and the potential for racing on the Mumbai water tracks. The racing event directs also towards the Koli community who have kept the boat riding tradition alive in the city and in order to contribute there will be a Koli boat race as well that would be organized before the main racing event takes place.

“We are delighted to present to you six world class teams that are built with top-ranked pilots and navigators from the world, and our team ambassadors for the NEXA P1 Powerboat Indian Grand Prix of the Seas. The iconic Marine Drive could not have been a better canvas, for us in partnership with P1 Global to launch the first event of a World Series in the global construct of Powerboat Racing. Procam International is immensely proud to present this new sporting paradigm which also redefine India’s maritime landscape and spearhead a powerful movement for marine sustainability” says Anil Singh,Managing Director, Procam International.

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