Private charter experience now more realistic than ever!

What do you think of when you think ‘luxury’? An experience that’s distinctly tailor-made and private, where the underscore is it’s multi-digit price tag, consequently the primary reason why it is invariably inaccessible. But going by how swiftly things are shifting around us, luxury too is redefining itself to be evermore private and far more accessible. Oh- and spoiler alert- affordable! Enter EZ Charters- a one-stop shop for all your charter needs.


EZ Charters in the newest venture by Air One Aviation to make air charters accessible, be it for business, celebrations or holidays.

As a key part of its value proposition, EZ Charters provides its customers access to a fleet of over 500 aircrafts, from 5-seater to 300-seater, spread over 30 cities globally including Dubai, London, New-York and Singapore. The company also offers end-to-end customized travel services including hospitality, sightseeing and local guidance where guests can choose from a wide range of destinations, hotels, luxury concierge and limo services. Talk about getting spoilt!

The starting cost is pegged as little as Rs 1.25 Lac and increases based on the number of passengers, type of aircraft and flight distance.

For a long time businesses and family members have depended upon cash, household articles and jewellery for gifting during the festive season, weddings or rewarding the best performing employees. A private charter could be that unique gift, something one will inevitably remember for a long time.

On the heels of the launch, EZ Charters organized an experiential tour of one of its private 17-seater charter aircrafts, the Embraer Lineage 1000. Here is our first-hand account.

Everything right from the word go dripped of class. The check in was at New Delhi’s Terminal 1 and since this was a private flight it meant virtually no queues. On the other side of the single security checkpoint, a chauffer driven BMW awaited to zip you through the tarmac right to the red carpet that led you to the craft.

Poised hostesses welcomed you inside the plane, and yeah, you can sit anywhere you like! No stumbling across crowded aisles to locate the cramped seat assigned to you, a private charter means endless legroom.

With a stand-up height of 6.7 ft., the Lineage measures 8.10 ft. in width and 84.4 ft. inlength. The aircraft has 5 spacious cabins for 17 pax, with 8 flatbeds and a queen- size bed, shower cubical, a roomy toilet, a walk-in wardrobe, official desk and a special dining area.

Food on the flight is a gourmet delight. A comprehensive menu of multiple cuisines Asian, Indian, Italian cuisines ensures all your heart desires are on-hand. Food here is on-demand so you never have to battle your hunger pangs as you might do on a commercial flight. Eat all you want, whenever you want.

The entire leg of the journey took us from Delhi to Jaipur and back, all under one hour. And the experience was quite like none other- relaxing, fancy and memorable.

Besides providing great customizable travel solutions, not only is a private charter a great overall experience for a group of friends or family, it may also serve as a great venue for a momentous occasion like a wedding proposal. And with the nominal price points by EZ Charters, a jet-setting lifestyle surely seems to be within close reach of a large segment.

Alok Sharma, Chairman, Air One Aviation Group said, “AirOne is one of the country’s larger and diversified aviation groups. We are beginning a new journey to make air charters more “accessible, joyful and affordable” with the launch of EZ Charters. We are privileged to pioneer many new charter travel concepts in India serving all three primary travel needs- business, leisure and emergency. With the aim of ‘luxury made simple’, we also plan to give first-timers introductory packages at very attractive prices.”

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