Power, Passion Can Usher In New Global Era Of Peace And Harmony: Youth Leaders

The Webinar stressed that one youth can become a beacon of hope for another youth creating a ripple effect towards establishing a peaceful society.


Only the power and passion of the youth can usher in a new global era of peace and harmony as the world emerges from the scourge of the deadly pandemic, India’s youth leaders said on Thursday.

Speaking at a webinar organised by Bharat Soka Gakkai titled “The Power of One: The Solidarity of Youth," they said India should capitalise on the advantage of having the world’s largest population of youth to lead such a global movement and transform the age. 

“Young people are an untapped resource that has the potential to contribute positively to society. I’m thrilled to be able to share my story via BSG and am looking forward to hearing from my fellow panelists. I hope we successfully inspire the next generation to become proactive in shaping their futures," said the UN Young Leader for the Sustainable Development Goals, Panelist Karan Jerath. 

The Webinar stressed that one youth can become a beacon of hope for another youth creating a ripple effect towards establishing a peaceful society.

“I truly believe that the world needs leaders who serve with their heads, hearts and hands aligned. Our generation is facing some of the most complex challenges and hence it's our responsibility to nurture youth who have the inner and outer readiness to serve everyone around them. This is only possible if we see the interconnectedness among ourselves and step forward, collectively," said Panelist Hemakshi Meghani. 

When one person refuses to give up and believes in the potential of their own life, a transformative chain reaction is set from hopelessness to hope. 

“I believe that no matter how successful nations become in terms of GDP or how well-crafted the policies are if the intention of the people is not in the right place, none of it would lead to what we actually mean for development. Therefore, we urgently need a generation who not only sees but seeks to strive for development with the right heart,” said Sub-divisional Magistrate and Project Officer, Nandurbar, Maharashtra, Minal Karanwal.

The webinar was a unique initiative as it urged participants to view the young generation as trailblazers of the 21 century. Panelists discussed how they could achieve lofty ambitions to create a better world because they never stopped believing in themselves despite tremendous odds.

“In this age of dynamic changes, where, though the world has come afar in human intelligence and technological advancements, humanity itself stares into uncertainty and darkness. Unlocking the infinite power already existing by just one individual, and the solidarity of such awakened individuals is the new dawn, a new sunrise of human dignity, of hope and of life," said All-India Young Men’s Division Chief, BSG, Sumant Misra.

Meanwhile, BSG Chairperson Vishesh Gupta said, “In my view, youth is not about one’s age. It is about cultivating inner strength and fortitude and being open to new possibilities without stagnating or becoming resistant to change. Youth means to overcome complacency and to always move forward."

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