Poet-Producer Natasha Malpani Oswal’s Book 'Reinvention' Decodes Power Of Change

In this timely release, the author and entrepreneur’s second poetry book builds on the honest and hard hitting questions from her bestselling debut.


Two years after the runaway success of her debut poetry book Boundless, Natasha Malpani Oswal picks up where she left off with her second collection, titled Reinvention. Published by Bloomsbury, her new book explores the darker side of growing up in a raw and evocative manner. Can we preserve our identity while building a family? What sacrifices do we have to make for success? Natasha's collection of poems was unveiled today.

Oswal holds Masters degrees from Oxford and Cambridge, an MBA from Stanford, and was an impact investor in London She wrote her first poetry book, Boundless, as she looked for her own voice in her twenties as she moved from India to London to California. The book was launched by Sushant Singh Rajput and Ekta Kapoor, and resonated with an entire generation of millennial Indians. Personalities like Amitabh Bachchan and Rajkumar Hirani also appreciated the authenticity of Natasha’s literary debut.

Now, two years later, Natasha returns to these questions. If Boundless was about finding your voice, then Reinvention is about making it heard. Natasha transitioned to becoming a poet and creative producer when she moved back to India after living abroad for a decade. She captures her very personal journey of trying to reconnect with her roots. Industrialists like Swati Piramal and Nadir Godrej and renowned creatives such as Shaan and Anu Malik have praised the poetry for its resonance and depth of meaning.

Oswal commented on the book, “Every transformation hurts. Especially coming of age. The poems in Reinvention are my personal diary, as I’ve grappled with the idea of coming ‘home’ and adapted to different identities – whether as an investor, writer, producer or wife. Reinvention is a reminder to get bolder and better, instead of settling, as we grow older. 2021 marks a year of reinvention and hope after the craziness of 2020. This collection is about the power of leaning into change.” she said.

Talking about the launch of Reinvention, actor and director Tisca Chopra said, "As a woman, mother, entrepreneur and actor, I'm balancing several roles in life at the same time. But who am I really? I've always been fascinated with the exploration of 'identity' especially when it comes to women; whether in India or all over the world." Chopra who has recently made her directorial debut with Rubaru, a short about mental health available on YouTube, is especially conscious of women's rights and supporting education in India. "My training has been in acting, but I've also strived to don different hats and constantly reinvent myself. Natasha's book of poetry, 'Reinvention' really resonated with me at this point in my life and career. Her words are like a clarion call to stand up for yourself and discover what's inside.’

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