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Event Security is a much concerned affair for everyone these days. With increasing crime rate and threats and risks prevailing in almost all squares of life, our events are not left behind. We all have been touched by security concerns at home, work, school, or on the road. Event marketers are no exception. From red carpet affairs to trade shows to fashion shows, having required security measures in place and order can ease the minds of attendees, guests, exhibitors and speakers.

Having event security sends guests the message that the event is well planned and holds responsibility for the security of its guests and the event itself. By taking proper measures for security one can boost the prestige level of their event and show others that you take event planning sincerely enough to envelop all contingencies.Event security is the one thing that planners and production companies tend to overlook and thus end up spending the least on.

Here, EE consolidates some security tips for your next event-

Prior review of event

It is highly important for security experts to assess your events based on the number of attendees, capacity, nature of event and venue, before you calculate and request the number of event security guards you think you need determining high or low profile experience.

It is important for organizers to understand that may it be a product launch or mall activation, there can be instances of people or groups opposing their activity and thus disrupting the event.

Monitor Guests and Staff

As organizers who take enough pains to secure their events, it is important to assure that all guests are accurately screened and checked in with proper credentials. The event security staff should familiarize themselves with the guest list and bar all party crashers.

It generally happens on the case of celebrity events that lot of uninvited people try to crash in, and create ruckus. Thus it is very important for the security staff to monitor all guests.

Procure expert advice

While organizing events you should hire experts who know how to managehuge crowds and handle all circumstances or threat in a professional manner being poised and calm. Be sure of whom you hire for the security of your event as many individuals state they have an event security company but don’t have much insurance or experience.

Budget allocation for safety measures

In today’s world of high terrorism, it has become important for organizers of high-profile events to cut down their budget on glamour and venue and direct it towards event security, walk-through metal detectors and more. Allocation of budget is very important. People need to know what they are getting themselves into and what the scope of their event is.

Security level differs from the kind and genre of the event and thus arrangements should be made accordingly. A national event will need a Z+ security whereas others might require either Z, Y or X or less than that.

Avoid surprise searches

All event invitations should clearly mention ‘all persons and property are subject to search’ and therefore proper ID is required. That way there will be no surprise check and confusion at the entrance of the event. By mentioning that both people and property are subject to search and also mentioning beforehand what is to be taken inside the event premises, makes the work of both organizers and attendees less complicated and time and energy saving.

Have medical emergency provision and clearly marking of credentials

Most importantly for larger capacity events but even otherwise, as organizers you should never forget to install an emergency medical crew onsite  for first response and assist attendees and guests in case of medical emergency like heart strokes or slip and fall head injury etc. Arranging for medical assistance is a major part of event safety considerations.

You should also make sure that staff is clearly identified as staff, and not guests, with clear description of credentials to avoid any kind of safety issue for attendees, speakers and guests at events.

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