Pallavi Ishpuniyani's Single Offers A Fresh Take On The Classic ‘Sehreyan Wala’

The talented singer-songwriter has done it with élan in her latest single ‘Sehreyan Wala’ - a fresh retelling of the age-old Punjabi folk song and wedding favourite.


Successfully recasting an old classic to fit a modern mould, is always a challenging task. However, the talented singer-songwriter Pallavi Ishpuniyani has done it with élan in her latest single ‘Sehreyan Wala’ - a fresh retelling of the age-old Punjabi folk song and wedding favourite.

After her debut single ‘Night Out’ released to much acclaim earlier this year, Mumbai-based Ishpuniyani became one to watch for. Her latest offering, just like her last one, had the vivacious young performer turn to her Punjabi roots. She says, “we’ve given a modern spin to a popular folk song while staying true to the beauty of the original number. It was an incredibly fun experience putting this peppy version together and reintroducing a classic to the younger generation.”

Produced by Avijeet Satapathy, and mixed and mastered by Praveen Maralidhar, ‘Sehreyan Wala’ has a mellow yet upbeat sound. The video features Ishpuniyani herself, and has a colourful and fun vibe, as she dances and prances in the spacious courtyard of a traditional Punjabi home, decked out for a wedding.

Having recently embarked on her journey as a songwriter, Ishpuniyani enjoys leaning on the songs she has grown up listening to. ‘Night Out' was inspired by the popular folk melody ‘Sanu Neher Wale Pul Te Bulake’ originally by Noor Jehan. Her training in Indian classical music, and ability to speak various Indian languages, set Ishpuniyani apart from others in the industry. She enjoys experimenting with musical styles and singing in different languages and genres. 

Music has been an inherent part of her upbringing. She has been performing on stage since the age of six, in the process collaborating with artists like Mika Singh, Bikram Ghosh, Neeraj Shreedhar, Kumar Mukherjee, DJ Suketu and many others of renown. She holds the distinction of having lived in different parts of India, with many of the local cultural traditions from these places, serving as inspiration for her musical creations. 

After graduating from the University of Delhi, Ishpuniyani immediately stepped into a musical career, by lending her voice to numerous ad jingles, television programs, and short films. She performs regularly at public and private events across the country. Talking about her experience of having worked with some industry stalwarts on her recent projects, Ishpuniyani states, “it’s such a pleasure to work with great people like these! With the current situation around the world, I think the least we can do is use our art to spread happiness and positivity for a moment of distraction during these difficult times. That’s why I chose to create ‘Sehreyan Wala’ right now. I hope the audience loves this song as much as we do!”

Ishpuniyani has several original singles lined up for release over the coming months, with the next release set to go live in just a few days on her YouTube channel. 

‘Sehreyan Wala’ is part of numerous editorial playlists including two official Spotify ones – ‘Folk Punjabi’ and ‘Ladies Sangeet’, and two playlists on Jio Saavn including ‘Folk- Independent India- Punjabi Folk’ and ‘Aa Gaya Dulha’. It is also set to be played across radio stations like Radio City Freedom, RedFM Indies Shuffle, and Mirchi Indies. The song can be streamed on all leading platforms. 

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