Our single point marketing game-plan is to stand out of the clutter- Rahul Akkara, JSW Cement

To differentiate from other players, cement players are leaving no stone unturned to gain customer loyalty and create a distinct brand identity. Rahul Akkara, Vice President- Strategy & Brand, JSW Cement shares with us how the brand uses experiential marketing to achieve this objective.


Q- What is the marketing mantra for JSW Cement?
A- The marketing mantra for JSW Cement is to stand out of the clutter through our communication and market development activities.

Q- How have the marketing initiatives worked out for the brand?
A-The marketing initiatives conducted in the last two years have helped us to achieve a 7% market share in South India. More importantly, through our initiatives, we have been able to create a category which is PSC and continue our leadership in this category.

Q- How do you think cement industry can make use of experiential marketing for expanding its outreach?
A- Experiential marketing can be effectively used by the cement industry to create a positive image of the brand, build brand confidence, and develop a long-term relationship with customers and influencers. Participating in conferences, industrial expos, trade shows, property shows, etc. helps to demonstrate products and create more involvement from the end consumer in decision-making. This, in turn, helps in creating brand awareness, brand recall, and brand preference.

Q-Tell us more on the different campaigns of JSW Cement?
A- We have done various initiatives in the CSR space, we have been giving cement on deferred payment facility to many people below the poverty line in and around Kurnool - AP, this has helped them to make toilets and kitchens in their homes, we have provided cooking gas facilities for women, and solar power electricity in some remote villages.

Q- What are the kind of events that JSW Cement organizes/participates in?
A- JSW cement participates in exhibitions, conferences, property shows, award functions and international seminars. The Economic Times AceTech, CREDAI Property Show, IDDA Eco Awards, Redecon, IA & B Architecture & City Conference are some of the events we participate in. We also organize GGBS Conclave where we invite our dealers, engineers, architects and students.

Q- Tell us more about the JSW Cement’s role towards ensuring a sustainable future by producing eco-friendly cement?
A- For every one tonne of cement that other cement manufacturers produce, they require 0.7 million tonnes of limestone. However, we are able to produce the same amount of cement using half the amount of limestone. This means that our carbon dioxide emissions are also half as much, and we also use considerably less water. Our energy consumption is actually the lowest in the industry because of using the latest technologies.

Q- What are your plans for the development and expansion of the existing sectors of JSW Cement?
A- JSW Cement is committed to creating a better tomorrow for India. We have set up additional facilities in Southern and Eastern India, our technical team is committed to ensuring that our products get used in the best possible projects.

Q- What are the trends in the cement industry that will define the future of this industry in the coming two years?
A- PSC cement is the future of cement in India. It is environmental friendly and at the same time more superior to any other cement. PSC cement is made of slag and requires less water, hence it conserves natural resources.

Q- What is your vision for the company and the sector?
A- Our vision for the company is to make world class products for our consumers and at the same time create products which are environmentally friendly and preserve natural resources. We are planning to launch a new product in the market, which according to us is the best cement made in India.

Q- Are you in association with any particular event agency?
A- We are not associated with one particular agency. Experiential marketing involves a lot of creativity and so we approach multiple agencies and select the one which gives us the most creative options.

Q- What would JSW Cement look for in an event agency?
A- Creativity, out of the box thinking and understanding of the category and target market is most crucial.

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