Our mission is to create magical and memorable experiences for clients: Sahil Wadhwa, Director, Modern Stage Service

Modern Stage Service has always been involved in designing some of the most creative Son et lumière shows throughout India.


Modern Stage Service has been the pioneer in the field of lighting and designing stagecraft equipment. Because of the intrinsic quality and superior performance our equipment has been in constant demand by the event companies, lighting designers, experts, theatre architects and others who are familiar with their performance. With advancing digital electronics our lights and control panels are getting smarter by the day, changing to your needs and preferences.

Earlier, lamps were the primary source of lighting and with LEDs comprehensively being used everywhere in the recent past, the Led technology has paved its path into the Entertainment Lighting Industry too.

The big question is-- why this shift from Lamp based Lighting to Led based Lighting? The main reasons were low electricity consumption, less heat imitation, waterproofing and weatherproofing technology but the main reason was Life expectancy. The life expectancy of a Led bulb is 50000 hours compared to a lamp bulb which may only last for a mere 100 hours. Hence, this was the change everyone saw it coming. DTS lighting from Italy has been doing the same since 2005 where they introduced first IP65 rated LED Moving Head Wash in the history. DTS Lighting has focused on designing and introducing advanced LED technology light system and put the same technology into their conventional lamp based lights.  

The next frontier in lighting was the controls. These controls needed to be smarter than the intelligent lighting systems and be able to control hundreds of fixtures at the same time. Dimmers and analog controllers have been around for many years, but the challenge now was to make them more sophisticated, get them to communicate with other devices and make it as intelligent and as easy to use as possible. MA Lighting International from Germany has been an international leader for intelligent lighting consoles and networking components. Their new range of affordable and easy to use Dot2 range has made it possible for amateur operators to become professional light designers. Also, there professional range has added their latest and most powerful MALighting console called the “grandMA3” which is successor of “grandMA2 “. The grandMA2 was launched in 2008 and it is still the market leader in terms of the console.  

The next big thing where the event industry was taken aback was the Special FX which was being used by the film Industry. The film industry introduced Special FX where cars and buildings exploded and things used to catch fire. And those special effects could be used during big concerts because during that time the only requirement was to have a big open area and also you don't have to control the explosion or fire that well. So that was the beginning of special effects. But it didn’t stop there; the next requirement was to make special effects which could actually be controlled. Here comes MagicFX, the world leader in the special effects domain where they design, develop, manufacture and supply innovative top quality and safe special FX products. Thanks to the impeccable design and European safety standards, MagicFX products are now in demand by all the top notch Special FX service providers in both film and entertainment industry.

Another big change that has evolved over the time was with stage rigging and trussing which earlier consisted of pulleys, ropes and bits of hardware. With many of its principles derived from sailing ships, rigging did much the same kind of job backstage as it did on naval vessels. Prolyte Group from Netherlands, was founded in 1991 and is the world leading manufacturer of hardware products and structural solutions for the entertainment industry. With more than 25 years of experience in trussing, staging and hoists systems, they have been the game changer in the event industry. 

Modern Stage Service has always been involved in designing some of the most creative Son et lumière shows throughout India. We have worked with some of the finest light designers from around the world and have helped them create magical and memorable experiences for clients.

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