Oreo, LinkedIn, Toykraft and Nokia bring innovative experiences at Mood Indigo


Asia’s biggest cultural festival – Mood Indigo 2013 has seen some of the biggest names associate with it. The main sponsor was Oreo and co-sponsors included Spykar and Eureka Mobile Advertising. Other sponsors on board were LinkedIn, Reliance 3G, Wild Stone, Nokia, Coca Cola, Toykraft and other big names. The festival offered the brands a captive crowd of more than 80,000 youngsters for four days.

It was interesting to see how the brands brought innovative ways to connect with the target audience in an attempt to build relationships and enhance brand recall. The most creative attempt was by the title sponsor Oreo which attempted the Guinness world record ™ for ‘Most People Dunking Cookies’. With 1796 youngsters performing the iconic brand’s signature ritual at one place, in one go. The Mood Indigo attempt broke the previous record that was set in Argentina where 1503 people had participated. Chella Pandyan, Associate Vice President – Biscuits, Cadbury India Ltd, said “With Oreo, we are constantly evaluating platforms that give us the opportunity to broaden the brand’s appeal across age groups and today’s attempt is one such endeavor. The Twist, Lick, Dunk ritual is an integral part of the brand’s DNA and seeing such a large number of consumers performing it together has been truly special.” The event was executed by Candid Marketing. Amrita Kumar, Managing Partner, Candid Marketing, added, "It makes us proud to be a part of a historic event of breaking a Guinness world record. To organise and then watch so many people come together to Twist, Lick and Dunk and be a part of the largest ever Dunkathon is exhilarating.”

LinkedIn had its own platform to connect with the students. It was looking to break the brand perception of being ‘just for top professionals’. Over the four days LinkedIn invited students to register on the platform and bring along their friends to do the same; and if one already has an account, there was assistance provided to discover all the features that can highlight key achievements on one’s resume. The event was executed by Madison IES. “We were briefed by LinkedIn to increase the number of sign-ups to the site and encourage youngsters to make best use of this professional network early in their careers. We presented goodies to students who registered and brought along friends,” said an official from Madison IES.

Another experiential activity was conducted by the official gaming partner at Mood Indigo – Toykraft. It organised a Checolo tournament, a game that seamlessly blends two popular games (Sudoku & Checkers). The contest saw overwhelming participation that the organisers had to extend it and bring in more rounds. It helped the brand amplification greatly. Dr Shyam Makhija, Director, Pegasus Toy-Kraft said "I was extremely happy with the response that we had at the event. There were a lot of students who found the game interesting and challenging. We are thrilled that Checolo, is part of our growing roster of toys.”

Nokia had installed a photobooth and encouraged students to click pictures and upload live on their social networks. It was part of its promotion for the newest Nokia Asha range.

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