Nrityakosh Presents ‘Papusza,’ A Belly Dance Production On The Life Of Great Romani Poet

Papusza will be presented by Debapriya das and her ensemble Nrityakosh at Bangalore International Center on 4th Dec 2022


Nrityakosh, an oriental and fusion belly dance school, presents ‘Papusza’ a dance production on the life of the greatest Polish Romani poet Papusza. Conceptualized by Debapriya Das, Founder and Artistic Director of Nrityakosh, Papusza will be presented on 4th December at Bangalore International Center, Domlur at 7PM. 

The production will revolve around Papusza’s life, which is both fascinating and tragic. She was a path-breaker, a female poet in a culture that deemed literacy ‘unsuitable’ for women. While her art made her the first Roma woman to be included in the Polish Literary Union, it also led to her being exiled by her own people.The production is the story of her relentless spirit and her quest for freedom to express herself through her art.

Even today, around three-quarters of Roma women are illiterate. When Papusza began reading and writing in the 1920s, it was entirely unheard of.  Papusza’s poems spoke of poverty, impossible love, rootlessness and the life on the long road. However, after the Holocaust victimised the Romas along with the Jews, she wrote of their suffering during the war.

Nrityakosh’s production uses middle eastern traditional & classical dances and its fusion formats as its dance language. The audiences will be witnessing Muwashshahat, Classical Egyptian Oriental, El-Hagallah, Contemporary & Indian fusion formats of Belly Dance. The production will also witness pieces that have Kathak, Flamenco and Contemporary dance vocabulary. It is rare to witness so many dance languages coming together as part of a dance production.

Nrityakosh is a young company and at a point where it wants to make socially, politically and culturally relevant work in the language of Middle eastern dances. In Papusza’s story, we find a tale that mirrors the story of the time we live in. It highlights the battle of artists for expressing themselves through their art. After all, questioning and pushing cultural norms will always be the first tenet of art. Her story is about bravery and of believing in her art.

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