NetCORE launches new initiative, enabling experiential activities


NetCORE, an enterprise solutions specialist launched its latest mobile marketing initiative, GameChanger. It was attended by clients of Netcore and few top marketers in the industry. “GameChanger will focus on being the catalyst for the mobile marketing ecosystem for easy adoption of mobile technologies and lateral ideas, coupled with solid execution capability. A new logo was unveiled at the ceremony. Keeping in mind the theme, the logo is a building block signifying a building block of ideas and technology to help change the game for the consumer, brand manager and ecosystem partner,” said Girish Nair, CEO, netCORE.

The members of the GameChanger team have been helping various verticals on brand and product and product category awareness building, both in urban, media dark regions and rural regions over the past few years. This venture is likely to give a whole new dimension to experiential and BTL activities. The GameChanger strategies have already been successfully implemented for Unilever, Kimberley Clarke, Colgate and others.

The launch also hosted a panel discussion event to encourage brands to adapt to newer marketing strategies. Industry reports indicate that there are two to three brand innovations happening every day in the industry, while 80 per cent of these brand launches end up failing. Prudent, small and simple steps need to be taken by marketers to bring down this figure. The big question that emerges is how can brands be supported by marketers to sustain their lifecycle.

“Brands  need to stay one step behind consumers when it comes to technology adoption. If they go way ahead, the gap may not be grasped by consumers and lead to an unsynchronised environment,” said Sandip Tarkas, President - Consumer Strategy, Future Group. Brand launches typically fail as there is not much research invested in understanding what the consumers really want; whether there actually exists a need gap that has to be addressed. “Most launches, be it physical products or services offered are either not differentiated, or simply, not relevant. Brands need to learn post launch too, as learning is an ongoing process. Thus by investing in a little tweaking, many failures can be avoided,” added Tarun Arora, Country Head, Danone Waters India. Also, as channels of communication proliferate, it is essential to choose communication vehicles effectively. “It is the time of targeted communication. Digital media will be the game-changer in the years to come and may even outdo traditional media channels. Nielsen has already started working on a project tracking Twitter ratings of TV shows to garner trends on sentimental analysis. Quantification of digital media will make it a powerful tool in future,” noted Suvodeep Das, Director - Marketing, Reliance Brands. It is only a matter of time that intangible parameters like emotions and opinions can be analysed and quantified for marketers to seal upon a game plan.

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