Natura manages rigging for opening ceremony of Premier Futsal executed by Cineyug

On the 15th of September, a huge crowd gathered around in NSCI and it was all for one event, the opening ceremony of Premier Futsal League. Cineyug International Entertainment Pvt Ltd got Natura on board to rig aerial entries for the artists and for the trophy as well.


International players like Ronaldino, Ryan Giggs, Figo were few of the renowned players participating in the game on 15 September. The event was aired live on television leaving Natura no room for retakes.

Natura provided the Flying FX systems for aerial entries for Benny Dayal, who is a singer, a song writer, a music composer and Elli Avram, a Swedish Greek actress who shot to fame with her participation in the Indian reality TV show Bigg Boss. Two silks were also rigged for international aerialists who were performing on the silk. Rigging was also done for the Futsal Trophy which made its entry from above.

Natura used one bridle system for Benny Dayal and Elli Avrams aerial entry.

The systems were rigged in a way that aerial entry was done in between the four sided led panels in centre of Dome at NSCI which was another exciting challenge for the team as the rigging had to be very precise without any scope of misses.

Another bridle system split into two pendulum system to rig Anya and Akhiya both of who are international aerialist and performed on silk.

One Pendulum system was also used to rig the championship trophy. The systems were rigged in a way that the silk performers and the trophy reveal happened in front of the VIP lounge.

Natura’s head riggers with their team members guiding them on the walkie rappelled down from the catwalk of the venue and secured the large centrally-positioned LED which was about to fall mid-show. This averted a major fatality that could have occurred if the coordination between the teams wasn’t fast enough. And as this happened, the crowd cheered loudly.

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