NXP Media creates a Livpure and Barista Lavazza alliance


NXP Media creates a Livpure and Barista Lavazza alliance NXP Media creates a Livpure and Barista Lavazza alliance

In developing countries like ours where we have an inadequate access to potable water, Luminous Water Technologies is committed to providing technologically superior, yet affordable potable water solutions to the soaring need of pure drinking water. A strong distribution network ensures reach to the consumers in every corner of our country.

Livpure wanted to create a consumer conversation and engagement that encompassed usage, sampling, strategic targeting, visibility and branding over time in a mass premium environment. The touch point solution also had to be delivered at relatively low cost in non-traditional media. NXp Media ideated and worked on this specific brief to suggest an alliance between Livpure and Barista Lavazza. Thereafter, consummated the same by allying two business needs to generate a mutually beneficial multiplier.

The alliance of 2 years commenced on 25thMarch,2013 on significant terms to deliver on objectives. 139 stores + upcoming stores within 2 years with focused yet geographically wide strategic targeting. RO’s of 10 litres/ 25 litres were sent out as per the outlet requirements with a promise of customer requirement and product commitment on delivery. The pure water had direct input on customer product delivery and business effectiveness.

Livpure was keen on this alliance as it was the right fit  – Barista Lavazza is an international coffee chain widely acclaimed and established and has a pan India presence, strategically located outlets in key cities which are opinion leading. It was a long term alliance with optimal investment –  2 years (and extendable) with optimum investment. Hence a win -win proposition for Livpure and Barsista Lavazza.

True Product Experience - The water to be used for making beverages and for drinking. The alliance provided long term brand visibility and engagement  - branded collaterals like co-branded water cups, mood posters  during the alliance period.

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