My greatest wish is a world of compassion, where nature is worshiped, and people are free says Anushka Manchanda

In an exclusive interaction with EE Manchanda shared why she chose to be vegan and how challenging it was to change her lifestyle.


Discovered on one of the first and most explosive reality shows in India just before she turned 18, Anushka Manchanda is a brand of musician who is fiercely individualistic and ever evolving, an artist who started as a singer and has grown into a music producer, an editor and an actor.  

She collaborated with Federation of Indian Animal Protection Organisations (FIAPO) recently to encourage people to try a vegan diet for 21 days which she has also actively promoted on her Instagram page.

In an exclusive interaction with EE, Manchanda shared why she chose to be a vegan and how challenging it was to change her lifestyle.

-Why and what made you turn vegan?

These videos of what happens in slaughterhouses started surfacing online. After avoiding them, I thought to myself, I’m not a coward. If I’m going to eat this, I’m going to see where it comes from. When I did I was devastated. I couldn’t imagine how this was okay with people. Kind, thoughtful people who said they loved animals. This was also the moment I realized how crazy-strong our conditioning is, how marketing and advertising blinds us.

-What do you think the most positive result of veganism is?

Going vegan is the single biggest way I can impact the environment positively. I feel light and full of energy. My body spends less time and energy digesting the fruits, vegetables and grains I am eating, and so it spends more time on regeneration and healing. I am healthy! I am more connected to nature, my instincts are stronger, my karma is clean. Overall, it ticks all the’s great for my body, for my spirit, my mind, for my fellow earthlings, and for the world!

-What is one thing you wish people would know about Anushka Manchanda?

That my greatest wish is a world of compassion, where nature is worshipped, and people are free. I am changing myself and my ways, and this is the way we all must begin. We are capable of so very much. We can change the world together! 

-What is your go-to meal that you think even people who aren't 100% vegan should try out if they are looking to go vegan?

Honestly, most people in India are eating vegan food all the time, even if they are not vegan! Bhindi, baingan..all the veggies, dal, roti (when it’s without ghee), chawal, all the fruits. It’s all vegan! I dig falafel and hummus. And the veggie options in south East Asian food which is naturally dairy free. South Indian food that’s made with coconut milk is yummy too!

-Do you think it's possible to be vegan on a budget?

Absolutely. As I said above, most veggies and fruits we eat in our Indian diets are vegan anyway. You would end up saving money actually by going vegan! Instead of buying meat buy peanut butter or avocados, instead of dairy buy coconuts and make your own coconut milk for your tea and coffee. It’s really up to you. How much importance are you placing on your diet..the very thing that is fueling your body and making it work! 

-What should we do to increase the awareness about Climate and environmental change?

We must share information, talk to and educate each other. We can make changes in our lives, our diets, which products we consume and the way we consume them. Moving to a plant based diet is one of the biggest ways we can make a positive impact on the environment.

Here’s some takes over a 1000 liters of water to make 1 liter of milk. Another..cows emit methane and CO2 besides other harmful gases like ammonia. The global warming caused by cows that are being reared in large numbers for our dairy consumption (and for beef export), is larger than all forms of transportation combined!! It’s crazy!

Time is running short, and if we want a future that is beautiful and healthy..we have to work for it now. Time to wake people up!

-How easy is it to eat plant-based food at restaurants?

It depends on the cuisine. South East Asian (Thai, Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese) is easy to get vegan options, South Indian, Indian, continental, healthy food places which give you tofu instead of paneer as a substitute. Meat is easily avoidable in India. To avoid dairy, you have to avoid paneer and ask for tofu instead. Mushrooms are awesome for their texture and taste. And when you get stuck somewhere with absolutely no options, ask for french fries.

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