Motorola to jump on the experiential bandwagon with ‘Motorola Tour Bus’


Motorola as a mobile brand has always somewhat shied away from taking the experiential route as far as the marketing strategy of its products is concerned. With other competing brands such as ASUS, MTR, Samsung going all out on experiential it was rather an intriguing question as to why Motorola restrained itself in this regard.

However, with the recently launched Moto X play, the brand has decided on jump on the experiential bandwagon and aims at turning its marketing strategies around. In an exclusive conversation with EE,Rachna Lather, Marketing Head, Motorola reveals about experiential campaigns of the brand and what defines its marketing strategies.

Q- Motorola launched Moto G third generation last month itself and today you are launching Moto X. Why so many successive phone launches?

A-Most of the phones that we have in our series of Mote-E, Moto-G and Moto-X are very popular in the world over. Moreover our customers want to be updated with the latest technology present in the market. However, technology is dynamic, and changes so fast that we are compelled to launch phones so quickly.

Q- But don’t you feel launching different phones under the Motorola brand name so quickly is going to impact the sales of the individual phone series itself?

A- No, actually. As with every phone that we produce we cater to a different market segment and separate customer base. While Moto G caters to the younger lot who college is going, or in their first jobs phase, Moto X is for a more seasoned veteran user who expects more from their smartphones than just hardware. Also the price bracket for all our series isdifferent. The target age for Moto-X is 15-35 years which is more elaborate than that of the Moto G series.

Q- What are some of the other products Motorola is about the launch by the end of the year?

A- There are many in pipeline currently. But we have already made announcements about Moto X style, Moto 360 second generation, so that is about to happen before the end of the year.

Q- What is going to be marketing strategy for this newly launched phone?

A- With this phone we have tried to establish the concept of how your phones loves you back and that is how we are going to position it. We are going in with a 360* approach this time around as well. ATL is obviously going to be an integral part of the marketing plan but this time around we will also have an experiential driven campaign kicking in.

We are looking at an engagement with customers through a ‘Moto Tour Bus’ wherein a person can come in to engage with the brand and also display their passion. Currently we are working out on the logistics and the campaign is slated to begin in the mid of next month. We are currently looking at a 15 city tour which will include tier 1 and tier 2 for now.

Q-But why is Motorola investing in experiential so late?

A- So far the overall marketing for the brand have also been limited. Till now all our marketing activities were driven by flipkart and hence were more sales oriented but this year onwards we have taken charge and you will see a shift with experiential coming in a big way now.

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