Most Influential Women: She’s In Charge

When challenges in the sphere of work and education still haunt women, BW Businessworld brings to you stories of some women with spunk, who broke through the glass ceiling.


Power’s not given to you. You have to take it” said Beyoncé. That is precisely what a band of very daring and very talented women in India have done. BW Businessworld’s annual tribute to this section of humanity coincides with the publication of a study by Bain & Company in partnership with Google, titled Women Entrepreneurship in India – powering the economy with her. The report clearly shows that the average woman in India has been left behind in the race for education and job opportunities by her male counterparts.

The involvement of women in the workforce has increased of late, but India still has the lowest female working population. Of the approximately 432 million women of working age in India, the employment of 343 million do not qualify as paid formal work. While women are better educated and have access to better healthcare than ever before, they still face structural, social and economic barriers to paid employment.

The report highlights that women actively participating in the workforce are 2.9 times more vulnerable to joblessness than men. While overall unemployment in India is at seven per cent, unemployment among women is at 18 per cent. Could India’s growth story be complete if half the population lags behind?

Yet, even in this environment some women leaders have consistently evolved to reach the top of their chosen professions. Women achievers have a positive attitude and the ability to persevere in the face of stress and make an impact on society.  

Our Most Influential Women list for 2020 maps the work of women from across sectors and particularly focuses on their achievements in the last year. Read on about these amazing achievers. 

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