Michael Menezes always had an ear and an earful for me: Siddharth Ganeriwala

In the tough demeanor, was the softest to the core and warmest like the Chennai weather emotion writes Siddharth Ganeriwala, Founder and Director, Aura Integrated


Today, lost my mentor, and I take the liberty of saying a dear friend, even though we were few decades apart.

Michael Menezes, founder of Showtime Group, was a pioneer in every aspect, had the privilege of meeting him in 1998, wherein thanks to Harjinder, we were introduced to the world of lasers in the country that simply blew the minds of the event industry. He simply went and bought these huge kick-ass ones from Germany, instead of renting them! 

From thereon, I was simply stunned every time I heard or interacted, Xenon projectors, to flying cars, rotating bikes, moving screens, the largest of opening ceremonies embedded with perfect technology, multi-sensory experiences, flying in from Germany, Singapore, Dubai, at the drop of a hat for this master craftsman, every moment with him was like being in Disneyland. 

In the tough demeanor, was the softest to the core and warmest like the Chennai weather emotion, every single conversation was filled with anecdotes and the whispers of the Lutyens, to the town boys of Bombay. 

Last week, when we spoke as always readily, introduced me to a ‘friend’ who had a large event requirement in the South, with his by now familiar words, be careful, could be a crook :)

Picking me from the airport, to our regular Starbucks coffee meets,  where we would discuss the policies and politics of EEMA and the experiential industry, oh I so wish, I could narrate them publicly. 

Pulling me into all kinds of committees, the famous Ombudsman one, he always had an ear and an earful for me.

Watch as the skies light up with technology and projections, with resounding sound effects, in a seamless art of storytelling, as they welcome him. 

Thank you for being a mentor and a friend.

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