Michael Menezes....When mind and heart align: Brian Tellis, Co-Founder and Group CEO, Fountainhead MKTG

Michael will be cherished, loved and celebrated for a long time to come writes Brian Tellis.


Thomas J Watson once said "Don't make friends who are comfortable to be with.Make friends who will force you to lever yourself up!!"

Oscar Wilde says "Anybody can sympathise with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathise with a friends success."

When one dwells on some of the pearls of wisdom thrown at us by some of the wisest minds, it sets us thinking. Most often in my case, it draws my attention to People and Experiences that epitomise these truths.

In my rather long and ongoing romance with the world of marketing and entertainment, I have had the good fortune and privilege of meeting up and befriending some wonderful souls. All of the above so applies to Michael.

I had the good fortune of knowing this gentleman from his advertising days, albeit not so well. Michael, in his eternal quest to accomplish, then set up a remarkable Experiential marketing company. We have rightfully waxed eloquent about all of that as well.

At a time like this, I do feel compelled to dwell on the man himself.

About 16 years ago, Michael and 4 of us from various other companies reconnected to attempt to form an industry association in conjunction with a government body. For many reasons it did not see light of day. Michael was the one man who kept saying "we must not give up!!." His resilience and determination was noteworthy. Cut to about 12 years ago when a motley bunch of us started to talk about it again. This time he rose to take the lead on the effort. I had the privilege of working closely with him on giving it life and purpose. My learnings from him will take a lot more bandwidth than this piece allows. Suffice for me to say that Michael operated with a sense of dignity, purpose and commitment.

Most importantly, he carried the team and the broader objectives with him and gave it pride of place. His confidence and self-belief coming to the fore. The fruit of the effort is there for all to see.

We had many chats, in person and on the phone. What was guaranteed were laughs, the truth, clarity and conviction. On the very rare occasion, we met with our wonderful spouses, the joys were even more heartwarming. Jean, you are love, strength and honesty personified.

Hence pretty obviously, Sonali and Avik are the solid manifestation of all that I've recounted. What's that they say..."the fruit doesn't fall far from the tree".

Hey Michael, you crazy happy will be cherished, loved and celebrated for a long time to come.

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