Mental wellbeing startup WIYLD forays into meaningful travel; gets ex-commandos onboard

Global wellness tourism market is over $650 billion and is slated to reach $919 billion by 2022, according to the Global Wellness Institute.


Mental well-being is a hot topic of discussion globally. After Martin Seligman proposed his theory of positive psychology over two decades back, the concept was picked up by thousands of life coaches worldwide.

 Taking a leaf from positive psychology, mental well-being startup What If It's Your Last Day (WIYLD) recently launched its international offerings targeting solo-travellers. What differentiates the venture in the over-crowded wellness tourism market is that WIYLD brings together ex-commandos' and leading instructors from Indian defence forces. Trained in unarmed and armed combat, scuba-diving, mountaineering, survival tactics, high-altitude treks and sky-diving, the team will deliver life-altering mental strength exercises.

The programs are geared towards self-actualisation through mindfulness and adventure activities that challenge a person's limiting beliefs, conquer fears and help participants discover their life-goals, company claims.

"Positive emotions can help you flourish – which is a nirvana state of mental well-being. At WIYLD, travellers can expect transformational experience through identifying their signature strengths and helping leverage them to reach the state of 'flourishing.' We help you replace your negative emotions with positive emotions over a six-day natural retreat. Through experiential learning across various adventure activities like kayaking, hiking, para-gliding, deep-sea diving at some of the most beautiful beaches, lakes, mountain peaks and jungles treks," explained Ritu Kant Ojha, founder of, an ex-National Defence Academy and IIM Lucknow alumnus.

Calling it a meaningful travel venture, the startup has created unique experiences for its customers. Sample these, imagine yourself sitting at Rocky mountains in complete solitude and writing a life-plan for yourself, or unarmed combat training by Kargil veterans, or yachting in Bali near a virgin island.

Global wellness tourism market is over $650 billion and is slated to reach $919 billion by 2022, according to the Global Wellness Institute. The market at 6.5 per cent is growing twice as fast as overall tourism. WIYLD has launched week-long programs in Bali, Phuket, Hanoi, the Andamans, the Everest base camp, Vancouver and Banff, Alberta. The bootstrapped company claims to have received a great response from corporate for mental well-being travel solutions, as well as from individuals – across age groups and diverse backgrounds. It fits well with the company's philosophy of offering multi-cultural and multi-national group experiences.

You need to have a real conversation with self to be able to discover your signature strengths, says Ojha. He has written a book 'Real Conversations in Digital Age' that is slated for release next month. While earlier digital detox was considered a snobbish term, it is increasingly becoming a reality with more and more people opting to take time away from digital gadgets. With WIYLD programs consumers can use the opportunity to take a break from the stressful digital world and rather connect meaningfully with self.

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