Marketing live events in 2021

Dinesh Bhutani, Founder, SuperTalks India shares some of the most creative and effective marketing strategies to promote live events in 2021.


The beginning of 2020 was no less than a nightmare for the live events industry. It was the period when many live shows companies were forced to take an unlikely difficult decision; to cancel events in their pipeline. 

The only thing that made sense was to adopt a virtual solution for their live events. 

Live performances such as stand-up comedy, poetry, storytelling and meet-ups have successfully shifted to the online platform. But with the year 2021 in effect, they predict the long-awaited return of in-person events. 

Now, the burning question is, how do we market live events in 2021, so that the awareness of these live shows and rate of attendee increases? Let’s examine incredible ways to make a buzz for the live shows. 

Get Sponsors

Imagine the big pool of audience in the sponsor’s court. How can it help live events to witness a substantial attendee? If you can advertise for your sponsors, then who says that they cannot do it as well? 

The sponsor’s audience can prove to be of relevance to your virtual event. By asking them for an announcement or a shoutout on their social media accounts, you can reach out to a maximum number of attendees for your live shows/performances. 

Promote Creative Content

Blog posts are okay. But to take your marketing game a step higher, create unique videos for promotion. Whether it’s a montage of a previous event or video of past performers, it keeps your audience aware of the upcoming live events. 

Because people are busy. They need to be reminded continuously of your events. Maybe they wanted to participate but forgot to register. That’s why we recommend you to get as creative as you can be. People will only show up if your content is compelling. 

BTS Helps 

The best way to gain empathy and establish a relationship with your audience is by showing the challenges you faced to conduct a live show. Try sharing scenes behind the live performances, stage shows and audience or participant’s experiences. 

The making of videos can have a powerful impact on your audience’s mind. It enables them to connect and respond positively. Showcase the photos and videos of preparations of the live show on every social media platform.
Create A Unique Event's Page

Whether you are promoting an online or live performance/stage show, a unique and resourceful page on your website can be of great significance. It helps reflect the professional aspects of your events. Make sure you highlight important features of the live event such as guest speakers, prominent judges and how attending this event can be beneficial for your audiences. 

This way people take you seriously. Also, with the help of trackable URLs, you can determine which method is working best for event marketing with the highest ROI. 

Leveraging Social Media

No marketing is ever completed without promoting content on social media. Each offers its distinctive set of advantages that can boost your marketing game.

A Facebook event page, for example, helps you create a distinctive space for your followers. Wherein you can share:

- Images and videos.

- Live event details.

- Important information

- Keep a check on the interested attendee

- Remind followers about the live show

On the other hand, promotion of live events on LinkedIn might not seem usual but it actually offers a lot for event promotion. It helps to leverage professional connections. And no one would wish to say no to more professional connections. LinkedIn pages and groups revolve around a common topic, which means you may create a buzz about the event that you are hosting on this platform. 

Last Words

Marketing live shows require multiple channels. No matter how big your platform is, it is still very difficult to convince people to attend your show. 

Thanks to technology, you have many tools to do so. Utilize user-friendly-event-specific pages to promote live events in 2021. Share videos and photographs of behind scenes and more.

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