Marketing Solutions to kick off #BeGood movement with unique festival #ForHer in Delhi

Open Sky Festivals - the festival vertical of Marketing Solutions, an experiential marketing and design agency, to launch the #BeGood movement with one of a kind festival, #ForHer, slated for 17 March at Nehru Park, New Delhi.


This is surely the new age. A period that will define our successors, the next generation. Academic scores are hitting the roof and the youth is developing skills previously unheard of. Concerts, comedy shows, food festivals, fashion weeks, marathons. What an exciting time to be alive as a musician, comedian, chef, designer or sportsman. Today, not only do we recognise their talent, but we pay copious amounts of money to experience it. Technology is doing wonders to accelerate creativity, alternate careers are flourishing and new industries are emerging. Now stop for a moment and answer this- While we are nurturing talent, are we doing enough to raise our children to be good humans? One may be extremely talented, wealthy, beautiful or intellectual but in the end his 'goodness' reigns supreme over any other achievement. In this pursuit, Open Sky Festivals - the festival vertical of Marketing Solutions, an experiential marketing and design agency, has launched a one of a kind platform #BeGood to self-discover and harness the goodness that resides in each of us.

Within every human being lies the potential for goodness, a desire to be a force of positive change. It often manifests itself as an urge to do ‘the right thing’ or sometimes as an internal voice that guides our action. Be Good is a community of like minded people who collectively seek to make 'goodness' a way of life. The first chapter of this journey will begin with a thought provoking festival, #ForHer, slated for 17 March at Nehru Park, New Delhi. 

#ForHer will unite the brightest minds and thought leaders who have imagined a gender-neutral world and are doing their bit to eliminate disparities and biases towards women. The festival will also feature musicians Prateek Kuhad and Tanya Nambiar and stand up comic Angad Singh Ranyal. An eclectic panel of speakers will discuss the need of the hour with an aim to inform and inspire, and offering a call to action would be the powerful cause connect partners – Apne Aap Women Worldwide and Shaktishalini. 

Poonam Lal, Director OSFL and a Believer of the #BeGood Tribe, asks “When was the last time you said Hello to your good side? She expresses, "I think  if we are a part of a community that believes in staying in touch with the good side, a lot of life altering things can happen. And this event is the starting point of that journey. We want to create a young and educated voice of a global citizen that draws out people to come and create this movement of likeminded people, amplifying the good within us all. We believe that there is good in everyone, we are just getting together to find it, it is as simple as this.”

#ForHer is a non-ticketed free event open to all age groups. Registrations are open on  

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