Making the best of the current situation: Ankur Kalra

Each one of us needs to adjust our lives and work to the new normal which lies ahead of us says Ankur Kalra, CEO Vibgyor Brand Services.


These surely are challenging times, I don't think anyone of this generation has ever seen anything like this before. Each and every business is affected and more so the industry that we belong to Events, Travel, Entertainment etc. Each company has been working hard to devise their own survival strategy, some are downsizing, some diversifying and others simply shutting down.

We at Vibgyor have been optimistic right from the beginning and continue to remain so, we do believe that this is a temporary setback and life will come back to normal in some time. What is important is to stay positive, stay occupied and do things which can be useful and constructive the moment work resumes. We have employed various strategies to keep ourselves busy, motivated and positive during this period.

To begin with, we have had a daily call each morning with our leadership team ever since the lockdown began. There were various tasks pending forever during the hectic days which were always pushed forward or kept on low priority that got completed during the last 2 months. Each one of our team members has created detailed client mappings, proactive proposals, new IP ideas and presented them to the rest of the team during these troubled times. It has been a crash course for all our team members. To promote team building & collaborative working and to adapt to these changing times we have created various TASK FORCES, each focusing on different projects but the goal remains the same - Reboot. Rediscover. Reinvent

We have also used this time to get our own company communication up to speed, from reworking on our credentials, video, website to creating a completely new template for all our presentations, we have brought about a complete change in how we will communicate post this period. Fortunately for us, work hasn't come to a complete standstill, we have conducted a few virtual conferences and live streaming events for our clients, we are also engaged in doing extensive neighbourhood distribution and sale of essential goods for one of our clients across NCR where we have engaged multiple teams to visit RWAs and neighbourhood societies. We are also working with some of our friends from the catering industry to contribute towards providing meals for the underprivileged.

We have put together a list of best practices in place including health & safety details in time of COVID and hope to open our offices very soon to be able to resume work for our clients. 

Each one of us needs to adjust our lives and work to the new normal which lies ahead of us and those who are able to adapt will thrive, those who do not- will find it hard to survive the next year.

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