MaitriBodh Parivaar Introduces Free-of-Cost 'WORLDWIDE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM'

MaitriBodh Parivaar has been working to uplift the human consciousness since 2013 through its various spiritual programs and initiatives for social welfare,


A person ridden with insecurities can achieve paramount success if only they knew how to get over it. The fear, jealousy, ego, apathy, and selfishness that govern us today are stopping us from reaching our true potential, stopping us from experiencing that inner peace. 

To add to the challenges, humanity is facing its toughest test ever with the global pandemic. Our lifestyles, habits, relationships have experienced a shift. The economy has struck a severe blow and uncertainty of the future has brought words like depression, suicides, crisis, chaos, etc. into our routine usage. 

Natural calamities are rising and whether we accept it or not, this is just the beginning. The chaos is right at our doorstep! The truth my friend is that there is a Higher Power that guides our lives and is shepherding us towards the calm from this chaos – ‘Transformation.’ The external disturbances demand an internal shift in our mindset, perspective, and approach towards life. This transformation has to occur far beyond the deeper states of consciousness, uncharted and untapped layers of our soul. 

The transformation that we are talking about is a permanent shift within that fosters a positive state of mind, happiness, joy, peace, and love towards each fellow being as a natural state of being. We all wish to live in a happier world with cleaner air to breathe, fresher food to eat, leading a better quality of life and it's a dream that is very much achievable only if we all start transforming ourselves. To manifest this Divine vision requires a Transformation within each individual. Maitreya Dadashreeji, the founder and visionary of MaitriBodh Parivaar has introduced the free-of-cost 'WORLDWIDE TRANSFORMATION PROGRAM' for every being who wants to work towards creating a better world for the future. 

With 25 online sessions, gradually over the span of 2 years, this program is reflective, meditative, and experiential, helping you become the best version of yourself. This Inner-Transformation can bring about a shift in physical, emotional, and mental wellbeing by aligning the thought pattern and helping humanity cope with the current crisis head-on. Beginning with an individual, this project envisions a Global Transformation improving the quality of life, for all. 

Meanwhile, MaitriBodh Parivaar has been working to uplift the human consciousness since 2013. Through its various spiritual programs and initiatives for social welfare, this global family has been working tirelessly with the sole purpose to establish love and peace on this planet. With a vision to create 'One World One Family.’

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