Magical influence of Experience Centers: Saurav Bhaik, Founder & CEO, Tagbin- Experience Innovators

Organizations use experiences as a key factor to create a buzz in the market and people generally run away from things which once brought a bad-experience to them writes Saurav Bhaik, Founder & CEO, Tagbin- Experience Innovators.


Science says; experience influences us in many different ways. A famous poet ‘John Keats’ once said - ‘Nothing ever becomes real till it is experienced’. Surely you can’t experience everything but does that mean you’re limited to your own experiences? Some enigmatic ways can always intrigue us to have an experience of the past, present and future altogether.

Experience: Root of Decision Making

The concept of creating an experience triumphs brain mechanism. Our limbic and reptilian part of the brain is dominant & responses faster than the logical brain. It triggers emotions like love, fear, hatred, nostalgia, etc. Resonates and touches people in ways difficult to express but quick to experience. Our dominant brain which is generated from such experiences allows us to make faster decisions.

Now-a-days, organizations use experiences as a key factor to create a buzz in the market. People generally run away from things which once brought a bad-experience to them. Quench for a thrill, adventure, and happiness make people elope from unexciting things. Using this aspect, organizations create awe-inspiring marketing techniques to put them through live-like joyous situations. Basic goal is to shape an optimistic experience as well as to outline a path of their organizational effectiveness, metrics and value.

How Experiences Became a Key Factor of Recognition for Organizations

For organizations it sometimes becomes challenging to translate a vision into a story. Traditional ways somewhere lack to attract, shape and create a ‘WOW’ factor for customers.

To tell a story, or apprehend a plan, customer connection is the only actual emotion behind its making. Different businesses are using old marketing techniques to reach investors/industrialists so they can buy it. Builders are redefining their whole marketing plan to attract investors. Perhaps, the conventional marketing techniques publicize what’s already there. But if you want to showcase innovation, you have to invite one. Today, the dire need of experiences is to emotionally arouse and urge people into decision making.

Give your customers an unforgettable experience. Experiences last longer and leave a noteworthy impact on our lives. Pay attention to leverage a medium where you can create real experiences for your customers.

Tom Knighton once said “Customer experience is the next competitive battleground. It’s where a business is going to be won or lost.” Hence, customer experience deliberately is based on a treatment by a business. Great experience introduces trust and creates recognition. How to go the extra mile to delight customers through experiences?

A Better View to Business Purposes:

Experience is the real model that speaks more of business capabilities. Through different activities and plays, music and ads, it offers us a thing to memorize. Take a deeper look into the very concept of behavioral economics. Here experiential marketing will exactly help view the real purpose of a business by creating memorable experiences.

Single Point of Interactivity:

While we live in a very complex reality, it is impertinent to keep a single point of interactivity enlightening. A single point to talk about your organization’s capabilities. To fill in the gap of geographical boundaries created out of different business models. One stop framework using the magic of experience - communicating and engaging to explain about working of the whole organization.

Stays at the Forefront of Technology:

A visually impressive demonstration of a service or product care to bring visitors close to its vision. Multi-sensory solutions and experiential marketing techniques fuels experiences, and stimulates human senses.

First-Hand Experience of Past, Present and Future:

One creatively blended way of experiences is to make you meet the future and walk through the past in your present. A little leap from traditional ways is now inclined towards a new style of storytelling. Allowing people to experience an organization’s whole history and its milestones of success.

Performs Live like Real Life Situations

What can explain life better than its very metaphorical translation? Experience makes an everlasting connection with the customers. With the use of sensory metaphors, people are living through real life instances. After all, a human is emotionally and subconsciously driven to make purchase decisions.

A Successful Roar to Organizations is a Play of Experience by EXPERIENCE CENTERS

Organizations have always been on a lookup for something to unite and inspire people. This objective is fulfilled by experience centers. Experience centers are advanced experiential tools, designed and engineered to influence emotional, and dominant part of the brain for fast and seamless decision making.

Over the years, the power to engage human senses has proven to play a major role in memory formulation and relationship building. As far as customer engagement is concerned, experience centers act as one of the main driving forces behind relationship building. Brands are coming forward to use an embraced and improved way to connect with the audience. Through sensory stimulation centered corporate experience centers, brands are the happiest to boost sales, and raise the overall stats of branding. Creation of the experiential environment today has changed the way brands perceive marketing.

Even smart cities these days are building experience centers to tell the world about their 5 years or 10 years plan of a looming inhabitance. Primarily the focus of smart city experience centers is to present the main highlights and importance of the project to investors, industrialists and citizens. With the help of interactive installations, experience centers are involving people with the past, present and future offerings of the plan. Adding to which; experience centers helps to publicize new pattern of psychological marketing to the masses. It gives attendees a tour of linked history, takes them to the very streets of the local market, and encompasses real life rituals (belief, literature, art, and other cultural facets) for an everlasting experience.

‘Experience centers open people to a magical connection’.

Mr. Saurav Bhaik - The Author of the article is Founder & CEO of Tagbin- Experience Innovators

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