Madison creates interactive display zones and life-size installations to launch Tata Hexa

Madison World’s outdoor unit, Platinum Outdoor has recently launched Tata’s new SUV Hexa. The launch campaign is planned in 2 phases spread over 22 cities.


To highlight the innovative features of the car, the strategy was to have a high impactful campaign using various innovations.

The LED acrylic brand logo and Hexa cutout: Key sites in 14 cities were identified and back-lit acrylic letters of the brand TATA Hexa were installed on 24 billboards.

Mahim causeway was identified to install an actual six-foot tall SUV on equally tall four asymmetric trusses; using an industrial crane.

Personal interaction and display zones were created at Delhi Cyber City and 12 other premium malls in the country as well as Delhi and Mumbai airports to let consumers experience the car.

According to Vivek Srivatsa, Head- Marketing, Passenger Vehicle Business Unit, Tata Motors, “The HEXA is a car suitable for all lifestyle needs and our partner Madison- Platinum OOH has been successful in conveying these brand attributes. The Outdoor campaign with an LED acrylic logo and the installation of an actual six foot tall SUV has helped garner excitement with its high impact and good visibility. Our focus is on increasing brand effectiveness and with the combination of innovative campaigns and with the expertise of our partner, we are sure to stir up the outdoor space with impactful visual branding.”

Says Dipankar Sanyal, CEO, Platinum Outdoor, “We continue to drive innovations for all Tata Motors brands in OOH and are really excited with this new launch of Hexa”.

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