MTV Youth Marketing Forum decodes the Indian youth


Arriving at the MTV Youth Marketing Forum, we expected a quick introduction to the Curious Minds report from MTV Chief Aditya Swamy. However, what we didn’t expect was a venue done up so well that we couldn’t keep our eyes off it.

A quick scan of The Tasting Room in Lower Parel revealed artifacts right out of a 20-year-old’s life. Witty memes played out of a plasma TV that screamed ‘Meme of the Day’, a dedicated wall flaunted photographs clipped to a frame and Lennon, Che Guevara and Alok Nath posters were displayed on a purple wall-patch. The stage set-up was clearly a snapshot of the life of an average youth.

Designed to imitate a typical teenager’s room, a combination of a bookshelf, a clothes hanger, a door and the screen made up the stage. A variety of articles such as a couch-chair, books, sports equipment, posters, memorabilia, guitars, action figures and even a basketball hoop adorned it.

Said Sumeli Chatterjee, Head – Marketing & Insights, MTV, ‘The MTV Youth Marketing Forum is our flagship insights series and the idea was to make it as experiential for the attendees as possible. So we thought why don’t we actually create a teenager’s room? And what better way for you (the audience) to do it than being a part of it? So you are the prop and he (the teenager) is the protagonist. Every element in the room reflects his passion – stuff that he listens to, stuff he plays with, brands he flaunts, etc. It’s not 3D but a 4D stage because you can actually see a live protagonist, a specific boy, who was recruited (we actually did screenings and auditions) only for this activity.'

The channel once again reinstated the fact that they are the ultimate word on the youth with their report. The study, conducted across 11,000 respondents featured both males and females between the ages of 13-25 years across 40+ cites.

With the mission to understand how young people live their lives, the study chronicled their inspiration, aspirations, ideologies, beliefs, needs and social lives.

Speaking during the occasion were Shashi Tharoor, Minister of State (HRD), Irfan Van Ewijk, Co-Founder, ID&T, the firm behind Tomorrowland festival, Steven Sos, Regional Sales Director, Shazam Entertainment, Heather Smith, Co-Chair, Rock The Vote and Christian Kurz, Vice President of research, Insights and Reporting, Viacom International Media Networks.

A few topics discussed at the Forum were leading young India, youth festivals and their influence, the power of simple insights, getting the youth to care (and vote) before closing with a final report on the sentiment of the young in today’s time and age.

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