Luxury wedding industry trends for 2021: Aashna Saran

The most trendy thing in the luxury weddings 2021 is chartering the planes for safe travel of their guests, writes Wedding Designer Aashna Saran.


When it comes to a luxury wedding, a destination is always the top most priority. Destination weddings are the new big trend to happen to Indian weddings. Well, what’s better than a wedding and a vacation together with all your friends and family spent soaking in the sun, dancing the night away. Selecting a location amidst the lush-green landscapes of gigantic mountains or on the beach, in other cities or by the country-side, just the destination and property can add a sense of grandeur to the ceremonies. A destination wedding can be as per your liking and choices in all aspects. Everything can be arranged to suit your taste and requirement. It can be arranged anywhere in the world, depending upon the laws and abiding rules. Sharing a few examples of local picturesque locations like Mussoorie, Kasauli, Dehradun , Goa, Kerala to name a few.

Aashna Saran Design’s concepts blend and balance colour, space and aesthetic elements. With the New Year while destination weddings are picking up, another expected trend is the ‘colour of the year’. As the Pantone Colour trend report suggests, the biggest colour trends of 2021 are taking a cue from this last tumultuous year and giving people a sense of hope, optimism and the refresh that many are looking for in the new year. This soothing colour, PANTONE 13-0647 Illuminating is a bright yellow hue representing unity, stability and hope. Choosing one's wedding colour scheme is the first step for creating your unique and memorable day . Starting from the wedding invites , menu card and your wedding itinerary . ‘Yellow’ can be a tricky colour and needs to be used correctly and the right proportions. While it is lovely for day functions like Mehendi and Haldi. It can also be used in modern settings as well. One can incorporate flowers like yellow roses, lilies, sunflowers pairing it with a break of grey and blue giving the set up an Italy or Portugal inspired vibe. While flowers and upholstery are a great way to introduce the colour, off beat elements like printed tiles, chandeliers, candles and even the shades of lighting can be effective. For a more traditional approach flowers like the evergreen marigold can be used and a combination of pink, yellow and orange works seamlessly for Indian Weddings.

Like we all have noticed, just like everything around us, even the face of the weddings in India has evolved since the outbreak of COVID - 19. The couples and the families are adapting to this new normal. Considering the guest list is a lot smaller (50-100 people) and even the number of events have been reduced. Couples are open to considering the minimalistic route for their decor. People are opting for sit down dinners to reduce interaction and control social distancing. There are quirky sanitisation stations to remind people to maintain social distancing and sanitise regularly providing them with extra masks and mini sanitiser bottles to use regularly. Since the guest list is niche and limited there a lot more personalisation taken into consideration while planning the wedding. Events from the bride and groom's love story, their initials are incorporated in various places along with wedding favours being personalised to their guest attending. Along with personalisation another element the brides are grooms are stressing on is lighting like lots of candles, chandeliers and lamps. For the entertainment couples and their families are hiring singer bands to induce the fun element however they are creating a designated stage for the same to make sure social distancing rules are followed.

The most trendy thing in the luxury weddings 2021 is chartering the planes for  safe travel of their guests.  So to avoid people coming in contact with others while traveling to the destination, we would suggest chartering planes and providing personalisation like food trays, hampers, the head tissue and other safety measures. 

There is a good change observed even in the food and beverages considering the pandemic. Brides and grooms are really focusing on the foods being well cooked and served hot straying away from raw foods like salads. People believe weddings to be a form of indulgence, where food plays an important role in elevating the celebrations. People want a variety of dishes like Mexican to Chinese counters. Brides and Grooms are not willing to compromise the same for immunity boosting menus like some suggest. Families are opting for more live counters to ensure and emphasise on the level of sanitisation present. If weddings are happening at cooler places hot drinks like Kadda may be served. However generally it's warm so that's avoided as well. But of course caterers and hotels are making sure that the teams are wearing masks.

Post-wedding hang - outs  are a great way to squeeze in extra quality time with your guests, especially those who travelled from abroad, and to soak up more of the love and laughter without the formalities or obligations of your big day. Couples are providing a 2/3 days itinerary for their friends  to go around the city .

Having left no stone unturned, Aashna Saran Design strives to bring her client's dream wedding into existence and creates the most beautiful and memorable wedding possible even with the restrictions of the pandemic.

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