Living the new normal in these extraordinary times: An online exhibition by Arshiya Mansoor Lokhandwala and MASH India

The online exhibition is curated by Arshiya Mansoor Lokhandwala and supported by MASH India. It starts from May 14th to October 31st, 2020 and will be available on


The new normal is anything but ordinary. The world as we know it has changed forever after December 31st, 2019.  Most of us have never experienced an epidemic let alone a pandemic of an epic nature that has touched every corner of the earth. The future has never looked more uncertain, dystopic with no definitive cure in sight, leaving us feeling anxious, disoriented, and paranoid. Sigmund Freud a noted psychiatrist has defined this as the “uncanny” or “unheimlich” in German when what is familiar somehow appears estranged or foreign, as social distancing, facemasks, lockdowns, quarantine or curfews have become the new normal. Many say the world will never be the same. So what will the new normal be? The exhibition Living the New Normal explores the photographic work of 5 Indian women artist’s whose work alludes to the extraordinary but incongruous moment that we are experiencing highlighted through their various bodies of work which refers to the current zeitgeist. 

The participating artists are Anita Dube, Mithu Sen, Prajakta Potnis, Pushpamala N and Shilpa Gupta. Each of the artists will be in discussion with Shalini Passi and Dr. Arshiya Lokhandwala about the making of the work, relating interesting anecdotes and historical background about their body of work. The first live event is with Pushpamala N on Sunday 17th @11 am IST.  

Shalini Passi said, “The current moment we are experiencing is unprecedented! I thought it important that my foundation to present a show that is self- reflective of the world at large, forcing us to pause and consider what the new normal would be and its outcome on our lives."

Arshiya Lokhandwala mentioned, “I had a premonition as early as 2013 that the direction the world was going something ominous was going to take place. This led me to curate Uncomfortably Numb: Investigating the Uncanny in Contemporary Times that addressed the paranoia and apocalyptic feeling we are experience today. Living the New Normal in a sense is a sequel to this exhibition that not only marks the anxiety and angst that highlight the fragility of life, but the changes that we need to urgently reflect on as a society.”

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