Live Hosting in 2020: Sonam C Chhabra, Live Host, Actor and Content Curator

An anchor or a live host when on stage is no less than a magician writes Sonam C Chabbra.


It is not a coincidence that an instrument that keeps the biggest ships at bay and from swaying away adrift has been synonymized with live hosts as 'The Anchor'. An anchor or a live host when on stage is no less than a magician. Being the presenter, to keep the flow of entertainment and to mesmerize the audience, all with one set of tools, WORDS! Words - as innocent and powerless as they appear, as standing in a dictionary, how potent they become in the hands of one who knows how to use them.

While GDP has slowed down and the economic forecast reflects some tough times ahead, the year 2020 shall challenge live hosts like never before. Although Knowledge and creativity will stand tall, but in the times to come hosts must update their armory with complete dedication, hard work and discipline. Competition shall remain stiff and artistes would be competing with the finest to be able to thrive. Those who have mastered the art of finding their bond with the audience will be of utmost relevance to the business.

With the powerful surge of social media, the world has shrunk like never before. Information interchange is now encapsulated in a smartphone screen. Live hosts have a greater challenge than they have ever faced before. The global phenomena of the internet have empowered content creators across the world. Excellence is often considered a mammoth castle constructed in thin air, while on the contrary, it rests confidently on the pillars of your passion and hard work. The coming times demand us to evolve with the three ‘S” to become even more pertinent in the industry.

SUSTAINABLE: With the resurgence of social media platforms, in recent years, it has opened many portals for artists to find visibility and become stars on their merit. Content creation has now reached every home through Youtube and TikTok and those with talent are already making a mark in India and also abroad. A variety of performances including stand up comedy, poetry, powerful elocution and moving speeches, combine these all and sprinkle it with the taste of uncut, live performance- that’s a usual event for a host of social events. The amount of hard work and dedication they display, it inspires the content creators and artists at our industry to pull up their socks and always be up with their ‘A’ game by reinventing the craft from time to time.

SCALABLE: Businesses, especially in the events and wedding industry will scale up their game to find sustainable growth and so will the craft of live hosting. The craft cannot be a subject to saturation for the waterbody which ceases to have a constant flow, sooner or later finds itself vulnerable to extinction. The part where it gets tough is sustainability with the gradually expanding scope of work. The growth in the content and art should see an exponential expansion and should scale up the game to stay relevant and inspiring in the coming times.

SALEABLE: The Academy Awards are one of the most popular shows of the year which is telecast live globally. The camera remains fixed on the host for hours and that’s the measure of their performance. In recent years hosts like Ellen Degenres, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, etc have shown us why do they run among the big money. The answer is simple, their performance, monologues, impromptu repartees are what people are paying to watch for. The most important aspect of showbiz shall always remain if it is saleable. The connection with the audience has to be a cosmic one, where you feel one with the event and the spectators leave with a belief that it was worth their time and money.

The Pantone colour for 2020 is Classic Blue, and I believe that it is going to be a classic year. A year which has many more surprises in store for us. A year of opportunities and challenges yet greater success in business and life. Amidst the hullabaloo, the endless celebratory spirit of India shall shine like the silver lining. Happy 2020 Everyone!

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