Le Meridien New Delhi celebrates local craft by unveiling artistic Christmas Tree

This year Le Meridien New Delhi embarks on a remarkable journey by sharing the spirit of local artisans and celebrating the yesteryear art of weaving ‘Charpoy’.


Many traditional arts and crafts of India are dying due to modernization and technological developments. Charpoy art however has still managed its place in today’s India. The charpoy is amongst the most functional pieces of furniture ever created. It is compact, economical and portable, comfortable but also sustainable and moreover our artisans over the years have made it charming by interweave of colors and patterns.

This year the central point of the celebration is the Christmas tree, an artistic installation embracing the age old art of “Charpoy weaving.”

The design has been conceptualized by a young artist Nehmat Mongia. The magnificent piece of art has been weaved and stylized by local artisans under the supervision of the artist.

Weaving this structure with these vibrant threads show us the path and how we can interlace our struggles of life with the vibrancy of love, joy & happiness and yet reach as high as the top most star point of the tree - The Pinnacle of Success. 

Speaking on this occasion Meena Bhatia, Vice President & General Manager stated, “‘The charpoy art is said to be many years old. Its exact provenance is unknown but what is certain is that multiple historical changes did not end its popularity, so we thought why not celebrate this art through our Christmas tree this year.”

Guests of Honour at the tree lighting ceremony were Tara Gandhi Bhattacharjee , Jaya Jaitly , Ambasador of Algeria HE Hamza Yahia Cherif and Ambasador of Venezuela H E Augusto Montiel.

The event was supported by Ratan Kaul and Shilpa Raina Wahal of Public Diplomacy Forum.

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