Kalyan Jewellers reopens Showrooms with Big Discount Mela

Gift vouchers worth ₹100 crore, Discounts & Gold Rate Protection on offer


Kalyan Jewelers is preparing to reopen its showrooms across India, in a phased manner and in accordance with state-wise regulations. While the company will continue to focus on providing a safe shopping environment for returning customers, discounts and offers announced as part of the ‘Big Discount Mela’ will be an added incentive.

Instantly redeemable vouchers that are worth a total of Rs 100 crore will enable customers to gain a variety of buying benefits. That aside, shoppers will also be able to maximise value with the discounts on offer. Up to 25% off on making charges of gold jewellery and a 25% discount on diamond jewellery have been announced. Additionally, on purchase of uncut and precious stone jewellery, customers can avail up to 20% discount. For customers looking at shopping later in the year, Gold Rate Protection availed by paying a mere 10% advance on their intended purchase value, will be welcome news.

Kalyan Jewellers has rolled out extensive measures to ensure a safe retail environment for their returning employees and customers. The staff are fully or partially vaccinated (unless they have antibodies after having recovered from covid) and apart from common practices like temperature check with thermal guns, double masking or providing safety gloves to customers, frequent deep cleaning of high touch points, sterilization and contactless billing have all been implemented. 

“Our first priority is to ensure that customers have an unmatched retail experience in a safe environment with vaccinated staff. We have appointed Safe Measure Officers (SMO) in each of our showrooms, who will be responsible for the implementation of all covid safety protocols,” Mr. TS Kalyanaraman, Chairman & Managing Director, Kalyan Jewellers said. “Ensuring that a customer can extract maximum value from their purchases has always been a company priority. In uncertain times like these, gold is seen as a safe haven, and our Gold Rate Protection plan will allow customers to take advantage of the declining or fluctuating gold prices. With the Big Discount Mela, shoppers are also assured of many additional benefits on their purchases,” he added.   

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