It pays when your brand itself is experiential – K Ramakrishnan, Marketing President, Café Coffee Day


When you create a brand like Café Coffee Day, you create a destination in itself – an experiential one. “It pays when your brand itself is experiential,” says K Ramakrishnan, President – Marketing, Café Coffee Day. “Everything that we do is experiential. From making our guests coffee to serving them, to creating that environment that they would love to come back to again and again – is an experience in itself. And that’s what keeps them coming back,” says Ramakrishnan.

So when your brand becomes a hot destination, other brands want to join hands with you and join the conversation of over 300,000 young people who spend over 45 minutes at about 1100 cafes every day. CCD has successfully executed a number of campaigns for various brands across a wide spectrum like FMCG, white goods, telecom, education and many more categories to meet their brand objectives and thus has proved to be a strong alternative to conventional media properties.” The opportunity to get your brand message across to our customers in a very subtle yet effective method is limitless. From large wall spaces which can attract the customer with eye catching brand messages to 3D table stickers, to branded tissue papers, the list is endless. We are also trying to continuously innovate and offer the best possible options to create a successful campaign,” says Ramakrishnan.

“Customers these days are not willing to listen to brands dictate. It is the customers these days that want to become part of the process and are demanding this two-way conversation. What the customers want, the brands will deliver. Therefore – experiential,” explains Ramakrishnan. Customers these days are surrounded by brands. Everywhere we look, we are being seduced by something or the other. So in order to grab a customer’s attention a brand needs to go the extra mile and get up close and personal with the customer to form a connect.

So what is the CCD experience? “When you enter CCD, you become part of the experience. As a brand we are extremely non-judgmental and non-intrusive. Tell me if there is any place where you can sit for long hours without being judged or disturbed. We let our guests sit for long hours without disturbing them. CCD becomes a guest’s second home. So apart from the usual sampling that CCD does, we also become a destination for other brands to partner with us and become part of the conversation. Our customers are never bored as we keep them amused. CCD also keeps the conversation going on social media and allows its customers to speak their mind – everyone has something to say and CCD keeps the conversation going,” concludes Ramakrishnan.

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