It is vital for premium cosmetic brands to connect with users- Diane Lee, The Face Shop

Korean skincare and makeup brand The Face Shop has taken a different route in India to market their products. Unlike traditional mediums of promotion TFS is actually taking up experiential marketing on a large scale to target their customer base in India and compete with the FMCG products already existing in the market. In conversation with Diane Lee, Overseas Marketing Manager, The Face Shop, talks about how TFS plans to be a game changer in the Indian market.


How important is experiential marketing for The Face Shop in India?
We at TFS strongly feel that it is vital for premium cosmetics as a category to have a connect with the user. There is very little to differentiate in the physical part, apart from the label which tells us the details. Thus our campaign is mainly focussed on experiential marketing of our product range.

What made you enter the Indian market?
Calling it a strategic decision, TFS entered India with a range of natural beauty products, to cater to an audience most connected with nature. We aims to develop a K – beauty segment in India through various online and offline activities to carve a niche for them in a tough yet the most important market from a global perspective.

Which are the online retailers TFS is partnering with? What is the reason for this association?
TFS is working closely with Amazon and Nykaa on which the products are sold. TFS' main objective of working closely with E-platform brands and partner is to reach out to Indian customers thoroughly and to the fastest speed in the most convenient way.

What are some of the experiential initiatives the brand has undertaken in the past?
Before launching in India, TFS has been (and still is) very active with taking activities with customers directly. Many marketing initiatives by TFS were something that the other K cosmetics brands have not tried before.

TFS has brought its famous spokespersons to nine different countries to engage with customers for four consecutive years. Also, not ending at just celebrities and models, TFS has executed PR activities where there have been contests for customers who want to service as TFS' local spokespersons in each country. It was sort of beauty pageant.

What are the experiential plans for 2017?
We have planned many touch points for the users, primarily K Beauty workshops that we do with selected audience. We also put up stalls at events which have right fitment with our TA, where we do sampling. Soon we are planning to do dedicated events at Ladies Nights at clubs and posh residential areas.

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