It is important for event professionals to switch from a work calendar to a life calendar- Author Madan Birla

After Fed Ex Delivers and Unleashing Creativity and Innovation , Madan Birla comes out with his new book "Enjoy Balance and unleash creativity." A book where he talks at length about how to maintain a work life balance in today's fast paced competitive world. It talks about internal and external root causes of imbalance in life and how to deal with them, surely something those from the event industry can use. In an interview with EE he talks about how this book will be beneficial for people who work in fast paced industries and barely have time for personal life.


Q1- How did this transition from heading the number one logistics chain in the world to being an author on life happen?
I have worked with Fed Ex for almost 22 years, and I have seen hundreds of people dealing with pressures of the work life and succumb to it, after a point in time I started feeling that the pressure of work on me and their implications on my personal life. In due course of time I realised there are a lot of people struggling from the same problem, thus the inspiration behind the book was to develop a framework of life for people dealing with a fast paced life and a fast paced job.

Q2- How can we balance Work and life to lead a happier, healthier and a more successful lifestyle?
There are a few changes into your daily lifestyle, which if you would inculcate you can lead a better life. Creating balance to add value in your life is important, in your day add a personal leisure activity to your to- do-list, it will not only refresh your mind but also your body. It could be maybe eating your favourite food, or talking to your someone special without being engaged on your phone or thinking about work. A refreshed mind and a refreshed body will definitely reflect on your work.

Q3- What is the biggest hindrance in achieving a work life balance in today’s world?
The biggest hindrance for achieving a W-L-B today is our deterred focus from relationship building. We need to develop pro-personal relationships with our peers at work, if you connect to people at a people’s level you create a shared experience. If you understand your bosses, colleagues at a personal level you can help them and yourself in being more productive.

Q4- Stress levels in event industry are very high and people are working round the clock. How can people balance their personal and professional life?
It is very important for young and hard working event professionals to change their calendar from a work calendar to a life calendar, and cater to all the needs of the life instead on focusing on one. The deepest human need is “I matter”, they should think about themselves first and what is important for them in the long run, what would nourish them when they grow old. Taking sometime out for exercise, even if it is a 10 minute walk while watching the evening news, going to a kid’s soccer practice once a week, or taking out the time for a family activity once a month, will help them maintain the right balance in their professional and personal life.

Q5- For women working in the event management industry, it becomes very difficult to manage their jobs and maintain a household, what would you suggest for them?
Prioritising is very important for women, I would suggest creation of a framework of how their week would look like. Pre planning is very important so that they can address priorities from all walks of life. And addressing all the relationships is important in order to focus better on your work, because if you come to work when you are wholly present (mentally as well as physically), you will give a much better output.

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