It is great to see Indian musicians crossing over to international scene, the reverse trend will also happen: Vishwa Deepak Dikshit, MusiCulture

One biggest acceptance that is required to happen is musicians understanding the need to create their own Brand Value, writes Dikshit.


India is one of the fastest growing music industries globally. There is a reason to it, which is its highly diverse, economically improving and culturally assimilating population. The fact that India has the second highest global population further adds to the ever growing number of international stars making India one of their go to destinations. A 1.3 Billion eye-balls are available for pumping the viewership numbers of each song that gets released by the musicians worldwide! The fast-paced penetration of data streaming in India has leap frogged India in the race.

But, as the growth comes, so will the challenges. As the international stars start turning to India, which is already happening, Indian musicians will start competing against much bigger names in the near future. Think about Indian retailers looking to ward off the competition from Walmart, which a was big debate of the recent past. This is what will happen in the near future with Indian musicians too. While Bollywood will surely look to keep a hold on the majority of the market, its share of pie is set to reduce as we go ahead. Now, this will be a great challenge as well as a great opportunity for Non Film musicians. They have a chance to grow exponentially big or fade away in oblivion at the same time.

One biggest acceptance that is required to happen is musicians understanding the need to create their own Brand Value. While the industry is set to evolve, there is a need for musicians to evolve in their outlook towards the commercial viability of their work and the industry as a whole. No industry can survive on the shoulders of weak players, and if the domestic players are weak, international players will take over the industry. The same will be true for music industry too.

Let’s take a good look, in the current form, Badshah has been a case study. He is a good example of how a musician can transcend over fans, brands and geographies. He has built a very commercially conscious career which does not compromise on the art. He is not just a musician; he is a Star in true sense. After almost a decade, after the indi pop revolution in late 90’s and early 2000, we have been able to see a musician who has developed an unparalleled reach from amongst the fellow artists. There need to be more of Badshahs coming along from the industry. Take a look at US for that matter, from Rihanna to Beyonce to Jennifer Lopez, Justin Bieber to Drake, Nick Minaj, now Saweetie, and many more, each one of them is a brand on his or her own. They are not just musicians, they are cultural icons and role models for the population as a whole. This needs to happen in India too and needs to happen fast.

We have a great number of musicians who take their art very seriously but unfortunately, they do not take the extra effort to work on their star value. The idealistic belief of work speaking for itself may not be enough anymore. In the day and age of reach, engagement and viewership counts, it is imperative for popular musicians or musicians who want to make a mark to be constantly visible. If one notices, the musicians who are famous are not just producing good content, they are also constantly engaged with their fans. This is the biggest key to success in the current times, Engagement!

As the industry grows in India, it is of utmost importance that Indian musicians understand the need to engage and assimilate. Content will be a baseline anyway, it is the reach that will determine who all will be able to stay relevant when the big guns start coming into the market. Various industries have seen the pros and cons of opening up, its not much

time left that Indian music industry will also see both sides of it very soon. It is a great sight to see Indian musicians, the likes of Divine, Armaan Mallik crossing over to international scene, the reverse trend will also happen at a much better pace, whereby international stars will look to sweep the Indian audience.

As the founder of MusiCulture, I already see a great intent and interest level from international musicians, not just the ones in US but across the globe, to harness the potential this market offers. It would be advisable that our own talent gears up for the competition and they take themselves more seriously than they have so far. The days of sitting back and soaking the glory will become dated, the days to achieve glory by way of reaching out and differentiating oneself will be the norm of the industry

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