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Who says that for a brand to experientially connect with their target audiences they need to organize consumer events or invest a bundle on brand activations? Experiences can be created anywhere and everywhere and as a result we have seen many brands executing experiential campaigns in parks, roads, colleges, on water and the list goes on. Interestingly, numerous brands have also created diverse experiences for their brands inside cinema halls to capitalize on unsuspecting customers who entered just to enjoy a movie and were left positively surprised.

Let’s have a look at the 5 intense cinematic brand experiences-

Gaz & Leccy cause chaos at the cinema

To kickoff the smart meter campaign in Great Britain, Smart Energy GB – the organisation formerly known as the Smart Meter Central Delivery Body, rolled out this experiential campaign to showcase what happens when the electricity meter gets out of control. This experiential campaign not only was cleverly designed but excellently executed as well, you can get an idea of its success by looking at the reaction of the audiences.

Corona blurs cinema screens in Spain

JWT Spain created this immersive campaign for the alcohol brand Corona Extra where the brand wanted to spread the idea of drinking responsibly. As a result, the brand partnered with Sony Pictures Releasing and blurred the first few minutes of their new release in cinema to depict how things look like after getting drunk.

Audi use 4DX Technology

Now this is one of the most amazing experiential campaign of all time. It uses high octane technology and also shows why experiential campaigns are more effective than ATL advertising as it uses the same. Through this campaign the luxury car brand Audi used 4DX technology in cinemas to let everyone experience the new Audi TT.

Ikea’s Cinema Stunt

Furniture brand Ikea decided to show what their brand is all about through an innovative twist and as a result they took over a Russian movie theater to transformed it completely. They created multiple fully furnished bedrooms, replacing 100 seats with 15 bed sets complete with side tables, lamps and even rugs thus taking the cinema goers by surprise.

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