Instahappy Insights into the Happiest Jobs in India- Why Hospitality and Events Professionals are the Happiest

People in Events and Hospitality were the happiest with a score of 6.4 on The Happiness Test.


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Instahappy (, the UK based company on psychological research, says the happiest jobs in India are in the hospitality and events sector. In their just-completed study on happiness in corporate and business India, the results gauged the overall sentiments of individuals and corporations in present times and compared how happy people were in five different professions.

People in Events and Hospitality were the happiest with a score of 6.4 on The Happiness Test.

People in Travel and Tourism came next with 5.6. 

Industry and Manufacturing was not far behind with a score of 5.3.

The unhappiest profession was Banking and Finance, with a score of 4.8.
Interestingly, people in Media and Advertising were the most mistaken about their state of mind, believing themselves to be far happier than they really were. 

Rashida Mustafa, Founder & Director of Instahappy says: “It’s an intriguing relationship. We might think that it’s not fair that people who have a chance to wear smart clothes and be in the best environments, with food, music, and celebrations, should be happier than those stuck behind numbers all day, but consider it in a different light. The ultimate psychological development is the ability to put your game face on, smile, and be nice to people. This is something folks in events and hospitality have to do all the time. If that in turn, gives a lift to your life, we should think that there’s a lesson to learn here.”

Instahappy's The Happiness Test throws an interesting light on the considerations we could have when we make our career choices as well. One often advises children to choose professions for their earning potential. Sometimes we let their temperaments lead the way. But we very rarely think that some occupations may just not cut it as much as others.

Rashida Mustafa states: “As we become more aware about happiness, we may use a completely different criteria to guide us. Never forget the relationship between happiness and health; or in fact, even, positivity and money.” She adds: "The impact of the pandemic on our mental health has been staggering because some of the main opportunities people had to be joyful have been curtailed. By destructuring the industry that brought us joyfulness, and ensuring that we do not miss out on finding similar opportunities in our new life, we may yet survive the effects of the changed environment."

Here are Instahappy's top tips on how to lead a happier life 

1) Dress well every day. 

2) Make an effort to eat interesting food. 

3) Eat with people you love. 

4) Compliment your family. 

5) Decorate your home in whatever way you can. 

6) Bring out little lights. 

7) Put on the music. 

8) Find joy in your everyday life. 

9) Watch something funny. Share it with your friends. 

10) Practice gratitude. And be grateful for all these things- these are keys to a happier life.
Instahappy’s Happiness Test is available for companies and corporations that want to check their emotional climate. The company suggests that being in the flow allows you to perform better and that measuring and consolidating the happiness of the C-suite, managers and staff will give that edge to the company to bounce back on its feet. "Identifying departments that work well and measuring their happiness against their performance is the way clever companies will work in the future", states Rashida Mustafa.

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