Infusion of local flavors in events: Mazhar Nadiadwala, Managing Director, Dome Entertainment

Local flavor includes introducing unique elements of the place like culture, art, history, and aspects from popular sights writes Mazhar Nadiadwala.


Every planner wants to make his/her event a memorable one. Over time, planning events have evolved from season to season. A prominent addition seen is the introduction of local elements in the event. When we hear the words “local flavour”, our imagination gets restricted to making the audience try out the local cuisine. However, we can move beyond just food and build an overall better experience.

Local flavour could also include introducing unique elements of the place like culture, art, history, and aspects from popular sights etc. something that they cannot have anywhere else.

Marketing your event by promotion, the idea of how it incorporates local flavour can be an add- on. It will help prospective attendees feel like going to the event will be valuable for their time, money and the efforts of travel. Furthermore, capitalize on your resources by selecting to add a local flair to an event will make you stand out from your competition. After all, competing for maximum attendance is something every event organizer desires.

With people today craving unique experiences, it’s critical to use unique traits of the region to create that. It isn’t about using commodities like the hotel to excite event goers. One way to ruminate about incorporating local flavor to an event is to surpass attendees’ expectations. Use your event data to reflect on the types of events they may have created and executed similar concepts and aim to outshine those.

This idea should be to create an experience that makes the attendees positively remember it while on their way home from the same. They should have some things that excited them so much that they can’t help talking about it to others. After all, there’s anticipation when you’re visiting somewhere new that you’ll come back with stories. By adding local elements to an event, those stories are exactly what you want to achieve.

What aspects of local flavor you could consider?

Food and beverage

Food is usually the first thing that comes to mind when including local flavor to an event. Integrating local cuisine is a great way to tailor the event to showcase regional feel. But, it’s critical not to go overboard. Choose one trait and build focus – whether that is a type of cuisine or beverage or an aspect like sustainable produce.

In recent times, customers are demanding healthier, ecological choices. Look at ways where all food served at the event is locally made. You could highlight the farmer’s markets it came from, in case they wish to visit themselves


Go beyond selecting a mainstream venue for the event. Instead, it could be someplace overseeing it. For example, locations with an excellent view showcasing the historical architecture of the place. It’s an understated option, but worth bearing in mind to build for a greater impact.


Choosing the right entertainment for the event reflecting the destination culture could be a fun element. Highlight a particular style of music or dance the region is known for elaborating the local culture. Alternatively, find a local band in that genre to perform.

To add costumes

Keeping in mind the theme of the event, choosing the right costume which will complement the same is also important. It adds to the flavour of the event thus enhancing the entire experience.

Beyond these elements, small things like souvenirs for guests to take home as memorabilia, integrating some “after-hours” activities that can help them explore the local region to name a few.

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