Indigo Live and Sixmad to host Beer Mile, a league for beer-drinking athletes

Indigo Live, the events faction of Indigo 91.9, in association with Sixmad, is all set to host the country's first ever edition of Beer Mile bringing together beer lovers and endorphin junkies in a national league format. The first event in the series will be fittingly organized in the beer capital of India – Bangalore on January 15th 2017 at Brigade Orchards, Devanahalli and will be part of a festival comprising of music, games, beer and food.


A perfect recipe for those who like to chug, run and/or do both, the Beer Mile India encompasses a test of endurance while offering the thrill of treading the less-trodden path. The basic Beer Mile format requires a single participant to drink a pint of beer, run a quarter mile, then repeat the process three more times to complete a mile. However, for this edition of Beer Mile India, participants can partake in either of three formats - The Full Beer Mile for those who would like a serious challenge, The Half Beer Mile for half the mile but double the fun and The Team Run for those who would like to split their beers and spoils.

All three formats will be equally action packed as they are all timed, resulting in the crowning of the champions at the end of the event. Eager participants can also gear up and train for Beer Mile India at Indigo Live Music Bar, which will host special training experiences for enthusiasts.

Attracting runners, beer lovers and party-goers alike, Indigo Live along with Indigo 91.9, the radio station for a fun young Bangalore, will also host music performances by well known bands and artists during the event. Food trucks and food stalls inside the venue will also provide an array of food & beverages to go along with the music.

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